10 Unbelievable Things Dan Bilzerian Has Actually Done

10 Unbelievable Things Dan Bilzerian Has Actually Done

The reasons why Dan Bilzerian does some of the things he does make about as much sense as Jaden Smith’s tweets. Throwing huge parties on yachts with plenty of debauchery and topless women is something he’s made himself a name for above most other things – the kind you would expect to see in The Wolf of Wall Street!

Here’s our list of the top 10 most ridiculous things ever done by this younger version of Hugh Hefner – not including his presidential candidacy.


10. Thrown an “adult actress” into a pool :10

 Bilzerian’s most controversial incident is when he threw the then 18-year-old adult film star Janice Griffith off the roof of his mansion, causing Griffith to break her foot as she hit the side of the pool. The stunt was orchestrated by both Bilzerian and Hustler Magazine, and Griffith sued both over her injuries


9. Called himself the Bill Gates of Poker :


In a 2014 video interview with ALL IN Magazine, Bilzerian called himself the “Bill Gates of Poker” – at least if you were comparing poker to a business. Maybe it’s not such a huge exaggeration after all, considering he’s made $50 million simply through playing poker.


8. Got arrested in high school for having machine gun in his car :


Bilzerian is known for his love for guns, of which he owns 97, not to mention he has admitted to having a loaded gun in every room of his Hollywood Hills mansion. During his senior year, Bilzerian was arrested for possession of a machine gun – which was found in his car on school property. Following this, Bilzerian was expelled from his school.


7. Got kicked out of the Navy before graduating :


For four years, Bilzerian was training to become a Navy SEAL, having gone through about 510 days’ worth of training for it. However, following a verbal insult towards one of the administrative officers, Bilzerian was kicked out – more specifically, he was “honourably discharged.” It didn’t end that badly for him. He ended up going to school at the University of Florida in Business and Criminology.


6. Lost $5.6 million in two months through gambling :


Perhaps losing a few million dollars isn’t the worst thing that could happen to him but how he lost it is pretty bad, even for gambling standards. After first tweeting that he’d lost $3.1 million in a game of poker and dice, he then lost $2.5 million worth of chips the following month.


5. Got arrested at LAX for possessing bomb-making equipment :


Bilzerian was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport for allegedly possessing equipment to manufacture bombs. He ended up having his charges dropped, but got released from custody after being held without bail the day after his arrest.


4. Turned his cat into a virtual celebrity :


Bilzerian’s cat Smushball has a celebrity reputation of his own, and has his own Instagram account to show for it – with more than 808,000 followers to boot! Based on his posts, he is essentially the feline version of his owner – being pictured alongside guns, on top of a naked woman, in front of poker chips and on planes with him.


3. Had three heart attacks – including two in his 20s :


Bilzerian’s mantra for life clearly seems to be “live fast, die young” – and he almost did. Three times! Before his 32nd birthday and during a five-day snowboarding vacation involving little sleep, wild sex, consumption of cocaine and 200 mg of Viagra, gambling and crazy parties, he suffered his first heart attack at age 25 on day four of his binge. He then suffered the next attack while in the hospital recuperating – only 12 hours later.


2. Claims to have once had sex with 16 women in 12 days :


With this kind of workout, Dan Bilzerian might not have necessarily needed to go to a gym another day in his life. During an interview with renowned shock jock Howard Stern, Bilzerian talked about his trip to Cannes, where he apparently did the nasty with 16 different women within a 12-day span! Talk about being on the roll.


1. Employs three different chefs at his house :


Speaking of his interview with Howard Stern, Bilzerian also admitted that he needs to have three different chefs working at his mansion to compensate for his huge appetite. In fact, the single chef he had employed previously got so burnt-out cooking for him so often that he needed to hire two more for the sake of rotating them. Each of the three chefs work shifts of 12 hours (yikes!) at his homes in Hollywood and in Vegas.

Despite him initially making a reputation for himself as a poker player (even if he’s not a particularly good one), you could argue that such a reputation is utterly overshadowed by his behaviour outside of games. It’s rather confusing as to how he makes so much money – his net worth is reportedly about $150 million – but it seems like he sure knows how to spend it!



Source: http://www.therichest.com/expensive-lifestyle/money/10-unbelievable-things-dan-bilzerian-has-actually-done/



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