11 Lesser-Known Gems of Goa

11 Lesser-Known Gems of Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Fort Aguada are few of the most famous tourist destinations of Goa. These places are usually packed with vacationers and more often than not prove to be too commercial for people in search of a quiet and relaxing time. If you are looking for blissfully secluded and sparsely populated spots in Goa, read on as we reveal some well-kept Goan secrets

1. Galgibaba Beach


Galgibaga is located in Canacona, South Goa. Galgibaga Beach is also known as the Turtle Beach and along with Agonda and Morjim beaches, is the main focus for the state program of endangered Olive ridley turtle saving and protection works which is implemented perfectly. The whole northern part of this beautiful beach is used for turtle nesting. It is one of the few hidden beaches where the clarity of the water will surely stun you.

2. Betul Beach


Betul Beach is located at the southern end of the Sal River which flows through the south of Goa. This beach is actually a cove nestled between a hillock and a string of coconut tree plantations. From here, you can also witness the river kissing the vast Arabian Sea. This beach remains hidden from outside, making it incredibly appealing and secluded. It is only a kilometre long without any scatterings of commercial distractions.

3. Cabo de Rama Beach


Just beyond the Betul Beach, you will find the serene fort of Cabo de Rama. The fort has major defences like a moat, gatehouse and bastions; many of the bastions still have large cannons strewn above them. It also houses a small chapel where people go to pray even to this day. The secluded Cabo de Rama beach offers plenty of privacy and is definitely ranked among the top beaches of Goa where the towering fort offers a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea.

4. Cola Beach


A gem of South Goa, Cola Beach is a stunning uninhabited gem located 5 kms North of Agonda Beach. Laced by swaying palm trees, a breath-taking freshwater blue lagoon and the Arabian Sea, it is the perfect escape to a local paradise.

5. Kakolem Beach


Kakolem beach is another unpopulated and peaceful beach on the Goan coastline. More often than not, it is deserted, never speckled with commercial establishments even during holiday season. This means there’s no place to snack or stay!

6. Butterfly Beach


The Butterfly Beach is complete with adventure, spectacular views and aquatic life. The semi-circle shaped landscape, countless butterflies flying over the hilltop blossoms, and dancing of the dolphins ensure a wonderful experience at the Butterfly Beach in Goa.It is situated North of Palolem Beach. However, unless you are up for a challenging forest hike, we suggest avoiding the land journey and reach the beach by a boat ride from nearby beaches.

7. Harvalem Falls


Source: https://afreentravelbug.wordpress.com/2014/05

Harvalem waterfall is one of the most amazing spots situated in North Goa. Gushing down from a height of 24 feet the waterfall forms a huge lake at the bottom, making it a breath taking picnic spot. The Arvalem caves are also a spectacular sight to behold. These ancient caves are unembellished, with minimal carvings. However, they have been the prime witness to an age when religions in India were trying to get a foothold and assert their presence. Travellers here mostly have the inclination to marvel at this religious, historical and archaeological site.


8. Bamanbudo Waterfalls


This remarkable waterfall is located in Canacona. It flows down along the rocks looking more like a waterslide than a waterfall. There is no well at the bottom and bathing is fun due to the force of the water. Amidst it all are streams rushing down the slopes, whipping out milky foam, and adding to its beauty.

9. Rivona Caves

Source: http://bogocards.tripfactory.com/places/goa

Source: http://bogocards.tripfactory.com/places/goa

The Rivona Caves remained uncharted and unnoticed until their recent excavations as Pandava Caves. It’s set in one of the most exotic surroundings, far away from habitat and the hustle bustle. The landscape is a bit hilly with flattened peaks and is lightly forested, making the sights and surroundings just great for a day’s outing.

10. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal


The marshy banks of the canal form a delicate and intricate mangrove ecosystem which is one of the best places for crocodile watching in Goa. Also, to be found along the banks of the canal are the Peregrine falcon, white-collared Kingfisher and a wide variety of butterflies. These along with the sleepy mangroves and crocodiles have attracted many tourists and nature-lovers that enjoy biodiversity.

11. Convent of Santa Monica and the Chapel of the Weeping Cross


Located in the Monte Santo region of Old Goa, the construction of the Convent of Santa Monica and Chapel of Weeping Cross was started in the year 1585 and finished in 1606. This convent bears a great deal of historical relevance, since it was the very first and the largest nunnery in all of Asia, making it something of great interest to those tourists who have come to Goa to learn more about the cultural history which has heavily influenced this state.


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