5 hotel trends you need to watch out for in 2017

5 hotel trends you need to watch out for in 2017

The global hospitality industry is constantly evolving. As the curtains fall on 2016, the hotel industry is poised to take over the world with some dramatic and drastic changes in the coming year. While some hotel giants promise never-see-before services, others can’t wait to provide their patrons with improved tech options.

Here’s a list of 5 hotel trends that are bound to dominate the hospitality industry in 2017. Read on to know more!

1. Going beyond the regular stay

A lot of high-end luxury hotels look into holistic guest experiences rather that just concentrating on the in-house services they provide. From arranging customized tours to taking care of guest activities outside the hotel, the hospitality industry is trying to make the stay of their guests an all-encompassing experience for them. More hotels from different categories are likely to take up this trend in 2017.


2. Upgrading technology

The hotel and travel industry witnessed massive tech improvements in 2016 and the technology upgrade across the hospitality industry will continue well into 2017. Complementary Wi-Fi and smart cards dominated the year gone by but 2017 is more likely to witness mobile apps that will provide a variety of services at your fingertips, use of mobile phones as room keys and many more upgrades that will blow away your mind.


3. Increased visibility of hotel chains

A lot of hotel chains are realizing the importance of opening new ventures in countries they haven’t explored so far. This will mean the availability of 5 start hotels in second world and third world countries which will not only open new avenues for the hotel giants but the nations in question will also explore an advanced spectrum of the travel and tourism industry.


4. Greater dining options

A lot of guests that check-in are on business trips and are therefore pressed for time. Owing to the deadlines they have to meet, they don’t get to enjoy their stay as much as they’d like to. Hotels have started providing on-site dining options that will enable this segment of travelers to have a better stay and more elaborate meals. Also, hotels across different sectors are realizing the importance of more in-house dining options which will enhance the stay of their guests by manifold.


5. Superior services

Staying at a luxury hotel is defined by the services provided. While valet parking and dry-cleaning services are offered by all up-scale hotels, a lot of chains are beginning to offer various entertainment and night life options to their guests to make their stay more memorable. A lot of hotels are also upping their safety measures by installing cameras in lobbies and floor corridors to ensure their guests feel well protected.


We are very excited about these upcoming trends and can’t wait to witness them first-hand. What about you?






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