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5 Most Expensive Pieces of Consumer Technology

5 Most Expensive Pieces of Consumer Technology

In a world where time is money, you can get ahead of your time if you have enough money to fall back on. That’s no problem if you’re a super-wealthy, uber-elite cash-splasher who likes to indulge into the sweet-spot where luxury meets technology. If you do fall into the above mentioned category, the prospects of this list will excite you. While there are expensive gadgets which owe their value their platinum make and encrusted diamonds, this list focuses on gadgets which owe their value to specifications and craftsmanship.


1.     Panasonic TH152UX1W: $500,000

This mammoth of a TV has a host of special features. First, we have to address the elephant in the room(quite literally), the size. It has a 152 inch TV screen which in layman’s terms means that it can make any other TV look tiny. Secondly, it boasts of 4k resolution and is 3D enabled and is powered by Panasonic’s ‘professional quality engine’.



2.     Leica M9-P Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas: $50,000

Not only is this camera super expensive, but also super exclusive. Only 100 of these were ever manufactured. It is a tribute to the partnership between Lecia and Jean-Louis Dumas(former president of fashion brand Hermès). The luxury camera boasts calfskin detailing, an anodized aluminum body with redesigned control points and top and base plates designed by Walter de’Silva, the man responsible for overseeing super car designs to the likes of Buggatis, Lamborghinis, among others.



3.     Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur: Approx. $4,50,000

Even ‘utterly bizarre’ seems to be an understatement while describing this set of speakers. Picking the right room in the mansion to keep this will surely prove to be a challenge given its dimensions and impact. It measures over 7 feet in height and weighs 1346 pounds. The softer sounds from the speaker “caress your skin” while the louder ones “sweep you away to the epitome of joy” states the manufacturer, Acapella.



4.     Chairman by Ulysse Nardin, Approx. $50,000

This 2011 release features a legacy number pad, a touch screen, a sapphire crystal display and 32GB Memory. Quite brilliant considering the release year. The hallmark feature of this phone is the high-end swiss watch like watch rotor on the back. It also features a crown which you can wind up to charge the phone.



5.     The Emperor 200: $49,150

This futuristic workstation has three 27-inch screens, Bose speakers, an air-filtering system, and a touch-screen control pad that lets you recline the chair with the help of electric actuators. This beast allows its super wealthy owner to absolutely immerse himself/herself in work or indulge in play.


Expensive Things

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