5 Most Expensive Whiskey Decanters In The World

5 Most Expensive Whiskey Decanters In The World


The distillery of spirits is truly an art. Many spirits are often created over many years and are aged to incorporate the subtle flavors of the barrels that they are stored in. When a spirit of this quality is created, it is only fitting to house it in a true symbol of opulence. Here is our collection of the world’s most expensive and sought after whiskey decanters.


5) Highland Park 50 Year Old



The Highland Park 50 Year Old is housed in a bottle specially designed by world-renowned Scottish designer Maeve Gillies. The design is inspired by the ornamental forces that dominate the windswept Orkney where it was created. Each bottle is encased in a sterling silver design of seaweed and rope that not only represents the sea and the forces of nature, but also the passage of time. Only a limited number of these bottles were made, with each one selling for US$ 25,000.



4) The Macallan 62 Year Old in Lalique



The Macallan 62 Year Old in Lalique is made of crystal. It houses the second-oldest whiskey ever produced and is a celebration of the brickwork of the Easter Elchies house, the spiritual home of the Macallan. Each one of these sells for around US$ 25,000.


3) Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee



The Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee was created in 2012 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne. This Baccarat crystal decanter is supported by six legs, each one symbolic of each decade that the Queen has been on the throne. Each collar contains a half-carat diamond. Now that is literally a ‘diamond’ jubilee. Only 60 of these were produced, each one selling for US$ 156,000!



2) The Macallan 64 Years Old in Lalique Cire Perdue



The Macallan 64 Years Old in Lalique Cire Perdue held the world record for the most expensive bottle of whiskey for a number of years after going for US$ 460,000 at an auction. The decanter is fashioned using the lost wax procedure (Cire Perdue) to create this unique design.


1)      The Macallan M Constantine




The Macallan M Constantine decanter holds the world record for the most expensive whiskey ever sold. This elegant looking bottle sold for a whopping US$ 628,000! On this bottle, the signatures of the three men behind its creation are engraved, making it truly special since only 4 such bottles exist on the planet.




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