5 Popular Casino Myths and Misconceptions Debunked: Does the House Always Win?

5 Popular Casino Myths and Misconceptions Debunked: Does the House Always Win?

Here are 5 of the most common casino myths and perceptions debunked for casino novices and professionals alike. Happy gambling!

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Casinos are a great way to relax and unwind after a long and stressful week at work. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, holiday revellers religiously head down to Goa every weekend to party aboard one of Deltin’s swanky floating casinos. Besides being a fun and exciting pastime, casinos offer wholesome entertainment for the complete family, where adults win big at slot machines while children enjoy watching live shows. However, there are several myths and fallacies surrounding casino games that can mislead newcomers, causing them to lose big and ruin their perfect night.

Check out these five common misconceptions and get a crash course in gambling 101 right here:

Myth: It’s All About Luck!

Fact: A little skill, some common sense and mathematical abilities go a long way.

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If you’re skeptical the next time your friend brags about being on a winning streak, you’re possibly right. While the probability of winning a game can be calculated, the casino experience is all about knowing how to increase your odds by making the right moves.

In the event of a poor show, never blame your bad luck on your fellow players; in most card games, other players rarely influence the hand you’ve been dealt. Certainly, there are some exceptions such as Blackjack, but the overall likelihood of leaving the casino with a tidy profit is determined by your own ability to lower the house edge.

Myth: More Playing Time Results in More Comps

Fact: No, casino comp systems use ‘theoretical win’ calculations to award comps.


Although not a far-fetched theory, this one is false nonetheless. While table games like Blackjack do factor in playing time for awarding comps, there is no electronic method to regulate the exact number of wagers placed. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to slot machines, as they calculate the exact amount the players bet.

Don’t waste your time pretending to play slowly, because casinos have their own system of calculating comps called the ‘theoretical win,’ which fairly considers the gambler’s total wagers against the slot machine’s payout percentage while awarding comps.

Myth: Casino Games are Rigged

Fact: No, there are stringent laws in place to ensure that casinos don’t cheat.

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All the premier gambling destinations around the world—Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Macau—have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that fair transactions are conducted at all times. Foul play is kept in check using random-number-generators in slot machines, and by constant monitoring at roulette tables and card games. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, always make sure you pick a legally licensed casino to gamble, whether it be in a hotel or online.

Myth: Bigger Bets Lead to Higher Wins

Fact: A good strategy and understanding of the odds can help you win, without taking big risks.

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Obviously, a high wager on a winning hand will result in a larger payout, but there are many pragmatic means to improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. Skill, technique, and patience play a big part in helping gamblers understand how to beat the house edge and increase their prospects of winning at table games. Adopting a good workable strategy will definitely help you hit payday with minimum risk involved. Slow and steady wins the race!

Myth: You’re Due a Win

Fact: Nope, maybe you’ll win the next hand, maybe you won’t!

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One of the most common presumptions about casinos, is the false notion players have that they are somehow owed a big win. Dubbed the ‘gambler’s fallacy,’ this theory assumes that players have a 25% chance of winning any bet, and need to play four times to win at least one hand. Unfortunately, the odds of an uncertain outcome remain the same every time, irrespective of the previous number of rounds played.

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So, whether you count cards, play more than one slot machine at a time, warm up your coins, or double your wager after losing a bet—there is no surefire way of getting Lady Luck to smile upon you. Moreover, superstitions are all well and good while hitting the slot machines, but note that these machines operate in a completely random manner!


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