5 Reasons Why Married Couples Should Plan Their Next Date Night at the Casino

5 Reasons Why Married Couples Should Plan Their Next Date Night at the Casino

Married couples or people in long-term relationships are frequently faced with the dilemma of doing something new and exciting to spice things up on date nights. Here’s why you should head to the casino on your next date night, if you didn’t already think of that!

 Leisurely walks on the beach, long drives, candle light dinners, and weekend getaways— who doesn’t enjoy a romantic evening in the company of a loved one every now and then? Date nights are a great way for couples to reconnect, by taking time off from their hectic lifestyles and spend some quality time with each other. If you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill movie and dinner dates, a glamorous casino date night with your better half could help mix things up!

#1 Get Out of the Rut 


 Being in a long-term relationship isn’t always easy. Most couples find it difficult to make time for each other due to their stressful home lives and conflicting work schedules. Between driving the kids to football practice and helping with the homework, dealing with demanding bosses, keeping up social appearances, and planning holiday dinners and family vacations—the romance tends to fly right out the window, and even the most happily married couples could find themselves stuck in a rut.

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The key to keeping the spark alive in a relationship is finding something that you both enjoy doing together; be it a hobby class, a quick getaway, or simply a chance to let your hair down! And what better way to do so than a fun night out at the casino?

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Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it— the best way to drive away the boredom from your daily life is to indulge in some A-rated fun and frolic. So forget about doing the laundry and paying the bills for one well-spent evening at the Blackjack table!

 #2 Fire Up the Team Spirit 


Couples function best when they work together. The qualities that one spouse lacks are made up for by their better half. If the husband is laid back and happy-go-lucky, then the wife is fiercely competitive, or vice versa. The perfect relationships are the ones where the couples embrace their differences, find some middle ground and try to have a good time performing even the most mundane of tasks!

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As a famous philosopher once quoted, “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” So join hands with the love of your life, rediscover your friendship with your partner-in-crime and become a force to reckon with, together!

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The next time you plan a romantic date night, head to the casino and put that unbeatable combination of intelligence, skill, beauty, and brains to test. Make sure your lucky charm is beside you to blow on the dice for good luck, so that your winning duo strikes gold at the roulette tables!

 #3 Play Dress Up 


Spending so many years together with someone means that they have seen and know every little aspect of your personality and behaviour. Sometimes you may feel like making an effort to wow your spouse in a slinky black LBD and sky-high stilettos, while there are times when you couldn’t be bothered to get out of your PJs and no-makeup look!

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An exciting evening of glitz and glamour at the casino is a golden opportunity to ditch those frumpy mom jeans and slip into something sexy for a night out on the town. Let your man pick out a sharp well-fitted tux, while you go all out with the hair, makeup and accessories to match your perfect outfit. Colour co-ordinated couples will definitely become the cynosure of all eyes in the casino!

#4 Rekindle the Romance 


Lately, if you’ve been feeling like the spark has been missing from your marriage, it’s time to get working to bring it back! Do you remember the reason why you fell so deeply in love with your S.O. in the first place? Try to recreate memories from the first time you met your wife and the unforgettable moments you spent together, to make your casino date night even more special! 

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A moonlit night under the stars on the deck of the Deltin Royale casino boat will provide the perfect ambience for a private candlelight dinner with your lady love. Wine and dine your wife, showering her with compliments as you watch the ripples of water across the lazy Mandovi River. Look deep into her eyes and raise a toast to your marriage!

#5 Cancel the Babysitter and Bring Your Kids Along 


Did your babysitter cancel last-minute again? Don’t worry, the cruise-ship casino Deltin Royale offers plenty of wholesome activities for the complete family, so that you can keep your kids entertained while enjoying some private time of your own!

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Source: GIPHY

No kidding, the renowned Panjim-based casino giant has curated an assortment of on-board recreation including dancers, musicians, magicians as well as stand-up comics! The one-stop shop for family fun comes with a Young Turks room specially designed for children to play and nap while the adults indulge themselves. Go ahead, hit the slot machines and order that second martini guilt-free because your kids are safe and sound in Deltin’s hands.

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