5 Drinking Games You Can Play Next Time You Have A Board Games Night

5 Drinking Games You Can Play Next Time You Have A Board Games Night

We get it, board games can be boring sometimes but there is always little something that you can do to spice it up and what better than some drinks to pump you up.

Here is a list of 5 drinking games that go well with your board games

1. Snakes & Ladder


Everyone loves playing this, it’s fast, has too many surprises and is equally unpredictable. The rules are simple,

  1. You need to take a shot every time you climb a ladder.
  2. You need to take 2 shots every time your run is cut down by a snake.



Scrabble is very difficult to play and is even more difficult when you are drunk. The rules are laid as follows:

  1. Any player who scores less than 15 in his round takes a shot.
  2. Any player who has to skip his chance or exchange it, takes 2 shots.
  3. Any player who has scored more than 40 makes all the other player take shots.
  4. Any player who adds the letter ‘S’ to the word has been already used takes a shot.
  5. Any player who makes successful challenge can make anyone take shots.

3. Chess


Many say Chess is a thinking man’s game and who says you can’t think wise while you are drunk. Playing chess while being drunk require different level of concentration altogether.

Here are the rules:

  1. If a player’s piece is captured he must drink from that piece.
  2. When you have been checked you have to drink it from King.
  3. Once the pawn reaches the eighth rank and is exchanged for Queen the opponent must drink from all the Pawns.
  4. Castling would require you to take 2 shots, one for the King and one for the Rook.

4. Risk


It is a game where 2 players battle it out to gain supremacy over an entire continent. It’s a simple game so the rules are very simple too you drink when,

  1. You lose a continent.
  2. You conquer a continent.

5. Monopoly


There are too many empty spaces in Monopoly and too many tax free places where people just go and stay. It can surely be made more fun if we add a tiny winy drinks to those places. So here are the rules:

  1. Whenever a player lands at Utility he takes a shot.
  2. Whenever a player lands at Free Parking/Just Visiting he has to make a shot.
  3. Whenever a player lands at an unclaimed space and doesn’t purchase it he has to take a shot




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