5G: The Future of The Internet

5G: The Future of The Internet



Imagine sitting at a train station and being told which seats are free even before you board the train, or being able to remotely control the temperature in your house! These are all possibilities that will be made a reality by 5G. What was considered to be science-fiction just a decade ago is currently being prototyped, tested and piloted.


We’d like to start by saying two things. Firstly, 5G data is definitely a thing that will be real sometime in the near future. Secondly, it is going to change the world.


When you have a data connection that is as fast as 5G would be (according to estimates, 100 times faster than 4G), endless opportunities suddenly become plausible realities- hologram phones, autonomous drones, you name it! In fact, it is even believed that on 5G it would be possible to have a data connection of 800 Gbps. To put that in perspective, that would mean downloading 33 HD movies all in a single second!


These are all just short-term gains however. You may not believe this, but data connectivity is in fact crucial to the functioning of an economy. According to World Bank with “a 10% increase in high speed Internet connections, economic growth increases by 1.3%”




So, what’s the hold up? Well, even though estimates say that we will have 5G by 2020, upgrading is not as simple as it would sound.

For starters, in order for 5G to be viable we would first have to raise the capacity of our current network. It’s a little like widening an already existing tunnel, so you can imagine that it would involve a variety of factors.


That said however, your life is about to change, drastically change. It is said that connecting is a form of empowering. The arrival of 5G means much more than just faster downloads and better streaming, it’s a source of empowering us and opening the doors to newer innovations.


We are already in an era of digital inclusion, where digital plays a significant role in our lives. Connectivity speed is what determines what digital can or can’t do for us. The upgrade to 5G would mean that the Digital sphere of life would be made even more powerful. Imagine a Black Mirror kind of reality, only not so dark. But that’s only what we hope the future would look like.


What do you think a 5G future would mean for us?


Tell us in the comments below!





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