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6 Most Expensive Things The McMahons Have Ever Owned

6 Most Expensive Things The McMahons Have Ever Owned

Vince McMahon has owned World Wrestling Entertainment since the 1980s, and in doing so, he’s proudly become a certified billionaire. He and his family have collectively profited more from professional wrestling than any other people, and they’ve built the empire to prove it. Here’s a list of the things Vince McMahon owns.


  1. A fleet of cars

Vince himself owns at least three cars, most expensive of which being the $190,000 Bentley Continental Coupe. He additionally owns a Volvo station wagon, a GMC Yukon, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz SLR 600, and a Boss Hoss motorcycle.



  1. WWE Niagara Falls

Predating the pop-up store concept by a full year, WWE created the only company specific merchandise outlet in early 2002 with WWE Niagara Falls. The exactly price and value of this property was unclear, but it goes without saying that prime real estate on the Clifton Hills strip in Niagara Falls doesn’t come cheap.



  1. Vince’s Mansion

Vince’s 10-acre 7-bedroom, 7-bath property contains two dwellings, a main house and a standalone apartment above their garage. It also contains a gated outdoor pool and massive gym. The property has been assessed as worth anywhere from $11.8 to upwards of $40 million when considering all assets included within it.


  1. Multiple Condos and Vacation homes

Most people would probably think one gigantic home is enough for two senior citizens, billionaires or not. The McMahons are clearly not most people, though, which is why the Conyers Farm mansion is one of only three properties said to belong to Vince. Less than 15 minutes away from their main mansion in Greenwich, the two also own a $12 million condo in Stamford.Vince also owns a third residence, a Boca Raton, Florida vacation home worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million.



  1. Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood Hotel

Even amidst the big and bombastic properties owned and advertised by WWE, the Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas seems exceptionally out of place. Whether it makes immediate sense or not, WWE most definitely purchased the hotel from Reynolds in 1998. WWE purchased the property for $10.65 million, reportedly with the plan of demolishing it and replacing the space with a 35-story wrestling themed casino.



  1. The WWE Corporate Jet

Considering how much travel billionaires like Vince McMahon do, coupled with his nonstop cross country flights to attend every Raw, SmackDown, and WWE Pay-Per-View, WWE purchased the 2007 Bombardier Global 5000 in 2013, replacing a nearly 20-year old Canadair Challenger the company had been using since 2001. The company has also floated plans to make the jet available for private charter, allowing rich enough fans the chance to occasionally fly with their favorite superstars.


There you have it. Vince McMahon’s empire apart from WWE.





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