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6 Pets More Expensive Than Houses

6 Pets More Expensive Than Houses

Any proud pet owner will argue that their furry, feathered or scaly friend is priceless, yet there are certainly some pets that cost far more than others. We’re talking thousands — sometimes millions — more. From exotic birds to hybrid cat breeds, prized heifers to uniquely patterned pythons, these costly animal companions have broken records for how much people have paid for them. The luxury creatures of the animal kingdom, these are the 6 most expensive pets in the world.


  1. White Lion Cub ($140,000)


White Lions are such a petty creation of nature.  A genetic malfunction causes them to be completely white. Though the price tag is so high for them but people love to spend time with this lovely cub.


  1. Chimpanzee ($60,000-$65,000)


Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent, very close to humans in a lot of ways, which can make your leisure period interesting. Though Chimpanzees may be adorable, due to their aggressive mood it needs extra care to keep chimpanzee as a pet.


  1. Savannah Cat ($22,000)


The extremely intelligent savannah cat is the breed of a domesticated house cat and an African Serval. The price of a Savannah Cat is entirely reliant on the amount of Serval presence in its blood. It is actually difficult to breed savannah cat as it can take years.


  1. Palm Cockatoo ($16,000)


A highly expensive bird that is familiar for its strange and interesting look. They have a very specific and rigid diet, made them costly to buy and very pricey to maintain. Due to their very slow breeding cycles and less breed captivity, desire of becoming a grandparent might be poor.


  1. Hyacinth Macaw ($11,000)


The largest species of macaw, the brilliant-blue hyacinth grows to be up to 40 inches (1 m) long. The hyacinth macaw survives today in three known distinct populations of southern Brazil, eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay. It is possible that smaller, fragmented populations occur in other areas of its range.

Although it is difficult to estimate, some people believe there were more than 100,000 hyacinth macaws before the arrival of Amerindians in South America. In 1990, the wild population was estimated to be 2,500 birds. The world’s captive population is probably much larger, numbering in the thousands.


  1. Capuchin Monkeys ($10,000)


Capuchins are a group of small monkeys with long tails that can wrap around tree branches. Their fur comes in a variety of coffee-like shades, from black (like the black-horned capuchin) to caramel (like the golden-bellied capuchin) to cream (like the white-headed capuchin). They fall into two broad categories: tufted and untufted. All are native to Central and South America.

Way back in 1648, a naturalist named Georg Marcgrave published a description of a blonde, long-haired capuchin species, but he didn’t collect a specimen, so its identity remained a mystery. More than 350 years later, in 2006, scientists rediscovered Marcgrave’s monkey species in the wild. Dubbed the blonde capuchin (or Sapajus flavius), it’s critically endangered, with just 180 mature individuals left.


The prices of these rare and mostly endangered species has been on an exponential rise. A recent illegal auction was raided by the police in France where many of these animals were rescued in poor conditions. They are usually made to look their best just before an auction and then are on the mercy of their new billionaire owners. They then become their pride to show off at the billionaires club.








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