For the ultimate luxury traveler

For the ultimate luxury traveler

There isn’t just one kind of travel, everyone travels looking for different purposes. There’ budget travel, then there’s travel, then business travel, and then elite travel. Way, way, way up — way higher than any of those — is Mega-Rich travel. It’s the type of travel that only happens on private jets and with chauffeurs. It’s “I have a pet tiger and I could easily get away with feeding someone to it” travel.

For that kind of traveler in you, the ultimate luxury traveler, we’ve put together a list to excite you. From the most expensive caviar to the most expensive room service, it’s a list that’ll get your heart racing and on to book the next charter flight!

Here we go:


  1. The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens

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Once upon a time in 2012, this bad boy was the most expensive place to stay in the world, but with the turn of time and more competitors fighting for the most expensive tag, it got left behind. The Royal Villa, at $35,000 a night, once played host to Mel Gibson and Leonardo. With two master bedrooms, each with marble bathrooms with their own steam baths, as well as the butler’s quarters.

A little birdie tells us that if this doesn’t satisfy your royal luxury bug, you can have a magical pianist come play Beethoven’s 7th symphony to lull you into sleep. It’ll only cost you $5,000 per hour.


  1.  The Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York

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Got $45,000 to blow in a night? Look no further. Taking pride in being the highest hotel room in the city of dreams, with a cycloramic view of the city, it took almost a decade and $50 million dollars to build. The room has its own art concierge and also a huge library. It only houses three — with accommodations for a child (and let’s be honest, the only child that can afford staying here is Prince George).

Here’s their website’s comprehensively detailed description of the bathroom: “The master bathroom is entirely clad in custom slabs of rare Chinese onyx and includes sinks carved from solid blocks of rock crystal, underlit with LED lighting. Unwind in a chromatherapy infinity soak tub or an oversized Dornbracht steam rain shower with six body jets. Other features include a Toto Neorest toilet with wireless remote, sensors and heated seat, and floors with radiant heat. The walls, ceiling and sink in the jewel-like guest powder room are fashioned from semi-precious tiger’s eye stone.” Now imagine how detailed every other part of this grand penthouse might be.

Also, if you’re looking to pair your Dom Perignon 2004, they’ll very hospitably provide you with some Almas. At an extra $35,000


  1.  The Burj Al Arab in Dubai

12.7 12.8 12.9

Surprised how a suit in Dubai isn’t on number one on this list? You read correct, we’re only at number 3. No catalogue of the gaudily expensive would be complete without a mention of Dubai. While many of these extravagantly priced hotels on this list get a spot by merely having an absurdly expensive and luxurious suite, the Burj Al Arab gets on for having nothing but out-of-this world-absurdly priced-extravagant-and-uber-expensive luxury suites.

No surprises here, but all of their suites are duplexes, and the cheapest of them is $2,000 a night. Yes, that’s a dollar sign and those are three zero’s, but not including taxes and fees. The most expensive is $12,000 (depending on the exchange rate). This may well be — overall — the most expensive hotel in the world.

The amenities? You can get around in their Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, and helicopter transfer services. Or take advantage of their personalized butlers. Also, you can go to their four swimming pools and private beach, or get free access to a nearby waterpark. It’s a great place to go to show your complete contempt for the concept of moderation and the fact that you can shell out more in room service than the cost of your suite per night.


  1.  The Shahi Mahal Suite at the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur, India

12.10 12.11 12.12

Looks like our country made it on this list! $45,000. For one night. Yes, just one. It’s got 6 massive bedrooms, a private theater that you can boast of, an expansive library, and a private kitchen staff, but again: It’s 45 grand a night. That’s INR 33,75,000 for those of you that are hell bent on converting. It’s a particularly good fit if you’re a James Bond villain, British royalty, or need a quaint place to get together with some Indian friends to plan a stock market crash; just for fun.


  1. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland

12.13 12.14 12.15

Here we go- drum rolls, dim lights, Ba-Dum-Tss. Presenting that one place were you can go all out to boast to your friends in the Billionaire’s club about how you spent 60,000 Swiss Francs a night — or about $68,000 US depending on the exchange rate — this is the most expensive hotel room in the world. Where you’ll find all your ‘Rich kids of instagram’ lazing around, not giving a flying hoot about you walking in. The suite has hosted the likes of Bill Gates and Michael Douglas, and includes its own private elevator, gym, and pool table; it has maximum security, a Steinway Grand Piano, and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva.

The good news is that it sleeps up to 6 people (it has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, but the site says it only sleeps 6. One for play and one for sleep maybe?), so you can split the price with your other comically rich friends who think spending $1,00,000 on a meal for one, is a good way to boost Geneva’s economy.





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