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7 Auction Cars More Expensive Than Palaces

7 Auction Cars More Expensive Than Palaces

How much does your car cost? It must go up to 4 figures, right? Maybe 5. You definitely wouldn’t have heard of 8 figure prices for cars. Welcome to the world of vintage auctions, where even a single tyre of a vintage car would cost as much as a modern day Mercedes-Benz. We suggest you sit down before you read this list, the amount of numbers in here are enough to make one feel giddy.

You have been warned:


1. Ferrari 335 Sport of 1957 – Price : $35,711,359


The most admired Ferraris are also very expensive for their unique built. Ferrari 335 Sport of 1957 is the most expensive car sold at public auction at Paris Retromobile Auction for $35,711,359. This Ferrari had won second place Mille Miglia race in 1957.


2. Jaguar D Type of 1955 – Price : $21,780,000


Jaguar is yet another most admired name in the world of cars. Jaguar D type of 1955 was auctioned at most famous RM Sotheby’s Monetary auction and was sold at a dear price of $21,780,000. This expensive machine had won the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1956.


3. Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider of 1939 – Price : 19,800,000


This is yet another expensive car sold at RM Sotheby’s Monetary auction for $19,800,000. It set a new record as the most expensive car sold from pre-second world war cars.


4. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider of 1961 – Price : $17,160,000


Another most expensive Ferrari sold at public auction was bought for $17,160,000. Amazingly, in the past, it had only three Italians in its owner’s list.


5. Shelby 260 Cobra of 1962 – Price : $13,750,000


This is the first Shelby Cobra car sold at $13,750,000 at an auction at RM Monetary’s. This American made car is the first of its type to fall in the category of the most expensive cars after this auction.


6. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider of 1933 – $13,500,000


No matter how old the metal of Ferrari gets, it never loses its sheen and that’s the reason this Ferrari was sold at a huge price of $13,500,000. It had won the 7th place in the Le Mans 24 Hours Race in 1960.


7. Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza of 1933 – Price : $11,990,000


The winner of Sport Nazionale Championship in 1947, this car became the most expensive pre-world war car when it was sold at a hefty price of $11,990,000 this year.


Looks like your jaw dropped. 7 times. Didn’t it? Auction houses have predicted a 110% increase in sale prices over a single year. This means that as an investment, a vintage car doubles in value in a little less than a year! How awesome is that? With the new year setting in and 23 more people entering the billionaire club, this year is predicted to be an intense one as tycoons go all out to possess the most expensive vehicle ever!

After all, you need something new every now and then to show off in your billionaires club, don’t you?






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