7 Breweries that re-define the craft!

7 Breweries that re-define the craft!

In today’s capitalistic world, where every attempt is made to cut costs and maximize profits, many aren’t exposed to the craft of breweries. The soul of this industry, where the legendary Brew master’s don’t just make beer, they ‘create’ it. An amalgamation of culture, tradition & skill, where the most exquisite blends are brewed.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 breweries that would thrill the connoisseur in you. Explore the best from the world, the gold standard:

1. Yuengling Brewery, Pennysylvania- Any self-respecting beer lover should make the pilgrimage to America’s oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and have a Yuengling straight from the source. The Brewery, which is a sight for sore eyes, has been around for longer than you have. It’s an integral part of your wander lusting list!


2. Bandido Brewing, Ecudor- “For adventurers, by adventurers,” and indeed, the two guys from Oregon behind the brewery are concocting adventurous brews using local ingredients like the Amazonian Guayusa tea leaf and organic coffee from the nearby Mindo Cloud Forest. They founded the brewery and pub in the colonial, UNESCO World Heritage part of Quito, Ecuador, after realizing they were “trapped in a purgatory devoid of craft beer.” At over 9,000 feet above sea level it just might be the world’s highest brewery.


3. BierVision Monstein Brewery, Davos- Davos being the highest city in Europe, and thus its BierVision Monstein Brewery is the highest brewery in Europe. Perched at 5,120 feet and surrounded by the Swiss Alps, Davos is a famous destination for skiers and adventurers of all stripes. Inside of a 100-year old former dairy, BierVision markets itself as “the last beer stop before heaven,” and uses alpine spring water for its beer, as well as its schnapps and whiskey.


4. Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery- For the second year running, Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery has been named the Best Brewery in the World by, the world’s largest beer review and rating website. In fact, seven of its beers were listed in the top 100 beers in the world, six of which were in the top 50. In. The. World.


5. Silver Gulch, Alaska- Right before complete Alaskan wilderness, Silver Gulch bills itself as “America’s Most Northern Brewery.” While Silver Gulch, housed in a former roadhouse north of Fairbanks, Alaska, it’s served across the country. The 10-mile trek up the Old Steese Highway is worth it for the specialty beers it serves only at its restaurant and beer garden.


6. Kuchlbauer’s Bierwelt- A traditional German wheat beer brewery with a modern art twist. Reflecting the owner’s interest in art, the brewery (which has been around since 1499 and in the same family for eight generations) is housed inside of a Friedensreich Hundertwasser-designed, primary-colored 115 foot tower. The psychedelic construction is crowned by a 32-foot-wide gold observation ball that weighs 26,455 pounds, which you can drink inside of.


7. Kiuchi, Japan- You can create your own beer — recipe, label and all — at Kiuchi brewery, in Naka, Japan. Home of the award-winning Hitachino Nest Beer (the one with the owl), brewers here will walk you through the brewing process to make you a custom beer. You decide the flavor palette, design the label, and brew the beer, and they will send it to your doorstep three weeks later.



Equipped with the knowledge of these seven gold standards, you know have the power of the craft. Make it a point to visit them, it’s a journey that’ll you will forever remember. A journey of craft, culture & taste.

What are some breweries that you visited and loved? Let us know!








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