7 traits of a modern day restaurateur

7 traits of a modern day restaurateur

Unlike a perfectly simmered pot of fresh basil rice, there is no recipe for a successful restaurateur. If you’re going to make your name in the hospitality business, you need to keep up with changing times and emerging trends. Along with having an innate understanding of your customer’s needs, you also need to be able to extract the most from yourself and those working with you.

We’ve compiled a listicle of the 7 traits a modern day restaurateur must possess. Read on and thank us later!

1.  Willing to try new things

There is so much an entrepreneur can do in today’s times to get noticed. Make the most of digital media. Get your restaurant on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and put up updates about your new dishes, collaborations and pop-ups. Take risks but do it smartly.


2. Don’t let stress get to you

Yes, there will be times when footfalls will be less or when half your kitchen staff is on leave. Taking stress won’t solve matters. Instead, look for solutions that can be implemented. Putting pressure on yourself and those who work under you is unfair to yourself as well as your employees.


3. Take charge

Don’t sit around for your restaurant to get noticed and then published in various newspapers and magazines. Take charge and do as much marketing as you can with the help of your family and friends. Re-design your website if required and send out emailers about new additions to the menu. This will help spread the word.


4. Reinvent

All restaurants have a few dishes that are popular amongst its customers. Don’t be afraid to reinvent those dishes by modifying how they are served or adding a few extra elements. Getting creative will not only keep your staff excited and on their toes but will also keep your customers coming back for more.


5. Be passionate

If there is a new trend in terms of restaurant designs or a new dish doing the rounds, jump onto the bandwagon but do it in your own style. It is very important to be passionate about what you do as that and that alone will keep your staff motivated.


6. Concentrate on profit

Money is important to run and sustain a business. If you want to redecorate how your space looks, think carefully if you can afford putting in that sum of money and if it is going to be profitable in the long run. Take small but assured steps forward.


7. Focus on guest experience

Your main aim should be to keep your customers happy. Make sure that the food served is up to the mark, your waiting staff is polite and helpful and the pricing is affordable. If your guests have a delightful experience, your restaurant will become a force to reckon with.


While the above traits will help you become a better restaurateur, what you do to add an edge to your brand name is what will count in the long run.



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