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8 iPhone Apps That Cost More Than Your Paycheck

8 iPhone Apps That Cost More Than Your Paycheck

While most of the world is happy exploring the functionalities of free apps, there’s a new world out there that only a few explore; the world of paid apps. With utility like never before, these five figure apps are extremely popular in the circles of those who can afford them. Right from remote PC controlling to VIP certification, these apps will surely make you want them!


  1. Ignition – Price : $1000


This app is used for remotely controlling your personal computer (PC) in conjunction with a software called LogMeIn. It helps the user to log in and shut down the PC and remotely access data on the cloud using LogMeinPro. It has a subscription fee starting at $149 annually.


  1. app.Cash – Price : $1000


It was developed by Visiomatic and is a Point of Sale terminal for business applications. The new version of app.Cash provides Star mPOP Support and New iZettle Hardware Support.


  1. Bar Exam Crash Course – Price : $1000


The app enables you to listen to lectures by Harvard Law School professors and questions from Bar Exams of previous years. It has received good ratings among educational apps.


4. CyberTuner – Price : $1000


This is a professional tool for piano technicians to tune their device. You need to subscribe to CyberCare (annual fee $80) to get updates to this app. It is designed by Dean Reyburn. It is preferred for its ease of use and accuracy in tuning.


  1. VIP – The Millionaires App – Price : $1000


This app is meant for millionaires and you need to identify yourself as one before using VIP Black. You need to verify that your assets are above one million pounds. It helps you secure premium hotel bookings and purchases and you get a complimentary fruit basket on buying the app. How generous of them, right?


  1. The Alchemist SMS – Price : $500


The Alchemist SMS is meant for scrap metals and recycling business developed by Ferrous Solutions. It is helpful in reducing raw material costs.


  1. DDS GP Yes! – Price : $499


An app for the dentists, it helps them explain treatment plans in easy-to-understand terms to patients


  1. Water Globe – Price : $350


It is a snow globe simulator and one of the most expensive iPhone apps. It helps the user to play with globes and change snowflake size and gravity. It works on the principle of fluid dynamics simulation, gravity, and shaking to produce snow motion.


As you read this, even more outrageously expensive apps are being developed. Whether they remote start your car, or give you a live feed from the international space station, they will be able to do it all! If you have the money, they’ll develop whatever you want. There has never been so much utility as there is now, provided by these diverse apps. As mobile technologies update themselves to provide more convenience to the end user, we’ll notice a similar trend with mobile applications as well. A new world awaits.


What are some of your favorite apps? Tell us down below why you like them!




Expensive Things

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