8 Reasons why David Beckham is known as the king of style

8 Reasons why David Beckham is known as the king of style

David Beckham is one male celebrity who can’t be admired enough. His soccer skills, the good looks, the way he dresses up, his love for his family – Beckham is the epitome of perfection.  He has been in the limelight since the time he was a young footballer from Manchester United. He had a huge fan following then and has an even bigger following now. We think David Beckham has the BEST dressing sense in the world and he never goes wrong with his outfits and styling. Always sharply dressed from head to toe, we tell you why David Beckham will always be the king of style.

1. PHYSIQUE – Beckham Has One of the Best Athletic Physiques


With great physique comes an even greater fitting. You’d agree with us when we say that David Beckham has one of the best physiques when it comes to being an athlete. Those 6-pack abs and lean muscles are not just for showing off, but they also help in having a good fit of clothes which is the most important factor in looking good in a particular outfit.

2. STYLE GAME – David Beckham Has Always Been On Top Of His Style Game, No Doubt


Beckham understands the trends and the style game around him. It is very important to know what is right and wrong in the fashion circuit, and Beckham understands and does everything with much elegance.

3. PERFECTIONIST – Being A Perfectionist At Dressing Comes Naturally To Beckham


Every time you see Beckham, he is sharply dressed. You don’t only need money to look good but you also need to have the sense of choosing what you want to wear, and Beckham has that sense for sure. He is an inspiration to many when it comes to clothes or anything else.

4. GROOMING – Carrying Off Different Hairstyles And Beard Comes Easy When Grooming Is Top-notch.


Swanky hairstyles and full-grown beards do take a lot of grooming, and Beckham’s grooming is on point always. Beckham changes his hairstyle every now and then, from spikes to long hair to going bald and now the undercut, he rocks them all. And we love the bearded Beckham too.

5. TRENDING – Creating Trends Is What Makes You Beckham


David Beckham is known to make trends around the world with his dressing, style, hairstyle and facial hair. Whatever he does becomes the next big thing. It is not because he is a big star, it’s because he does it differently, setting an example for others.

6. EXPERIMENTING – Is How Beckham Discovered His Style


Beckham has always been constantly changing his style. From keeping long hair to going bald to spikes to growing a beard, we have seen it all, which means that constantly trying new things is what makes you discover yourself. So what if you go wrong?

7. FAMILY – A Family That Dresses Up Together, Stays Together


Much has been talked about how the Beckham family is the best looking family on the planet. From his kids to his wife and the man himself, the family just looks amazing always. They are much up-to-date in the fashion circuit. His wife Victoria Beckham has a clothing line to herself. His kids are always ready for an outfit picture. What more do you need?

8. BODY ART – Beckham’s Tattoo Game Is So Strong He’d Inspire You to Get One


We hope you have all seen the tattoos on Beckham’s body. Half of his body is covered with tattoos ranging from the names of his loved ones to tribal designs and a whole lot of art pieces. His tattoo game is so strong that he will inspire you to get one for sure.





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