Adventure sports – Extreme & Expensive

Adventure sports – Extreme & Expensive

We all have our ways of getting an adrenaline rush, it doesn’t take much, but if you want to experience the ultimate thrills, you’ll have to drop some serious moolah. Your options are endless, whether you’re planning to jump off the Empire State Building or scuba dive through underwater caves, these unique experiences will lead you to re-defining an adrenaline high. Only the brave of heart should read on.

Brace yourself; we’re going to show you which are the 6 most expensive adventure sports and experiences:


6. Rock climbing- $3000+


Some of you must have dreamed of conquering the dizziest of heights with nothing but your bare hands and feet, haven’t you? Introducing rock climbing- daredevils take on this challenge of exceeding the limits, some without any safety equipment at all. Rock climbing means climbing rock walls using your own strength and safety equipment. To make it more extreme, some climbers do it sans safety equipment and only use their climbing shoes and chalk bag. If something goes wrong, you know what it will lead to. To be safe, there’s just so much equipment that you need to buy, those costs make this as expensive as it is.

People have climbed rocks since the dawn of time and things haven’t changed much, the only thing that has changed in recent years is that rock climbing is considered one of the most expensive extreme sports. You need to invest a lot in equipment before giving it a try. The shoes, climbing rope, helmet, quick draws and harness all cost around $700 and then the trip itself costs over $2,000 if you want to go some remote mountains and maintain the exclusivity in your billionaires club!


 5. Skydiving- $6000+


Skydiving or parachuting started in 1919 when Andre-Jacques and Leslie Irvin made descents with the aid of a canvas canopy and a basket beneath the iconic hot air balloon. Fortunately, the fatality rate in skydiving is extremely low and with proper guidance, you should be just fine, provided the weather isn’t too bad.

Skydiving means jumping off an airplane or helicopter and freefalling until the parachute is deployed. A complete skydiving equipment kit starts at $5,000, which includes the container, the main canopy, reserve canopy, helmet, altimeter, and other safety gear. Plus, you’ll be looking at about $5,000 to $10,000 a year spent just on jumps! The average price per jump would cost you $200 and $400, depending on the area and altitude. If you don’t know whether this is your sport just yet, operators offer tandem flights with prices starting at $300, which include the basics such as ground school and instructor fees.


 4. Wingsuit Flying- $6500+


Allowing you to literally fly through the air, first appearing at the end of the 1990s, wing-suiting is a very recent sport. Nicknamed birdman suits or flying squirrel suits, these special suits will let you float for a while, after which you can land using a deployable parachute

This is probably the closest you can get to flying freely in the sky like a falcon. It’s basically a jumpsuit equipped with fabric between the arms and the thighs and between the legs, imitating a bird with wings and tail, allowing humans to stay aloft thousands of feet above the ground. However, there are some who attempt to land without deploying their parachute, a game of Russian roulette, as you can never know for sure whether you’ll make it or not. A high quality wingsuit is imperative, and prices start at $1,500. Add another $2,000 to $5,000 for the parachute. You can usually jump off a free standing platform, or go extreme and take an airplane, in which case you need to pay between $200 and $400 per jump.


  3. Skysurfing- $7000+


The sport was invented by Dominique Jacquet and Jean-Pascal Oron in 1986, and the invention came out of wanting to add a twist to their skydiving sessions. It was further popularized by commercials for Pepsi or At&T and there were several competitions during that period. Eventually its popularity decreased because it’s pretty dangerous. The price for the equipment itself and a skysurfing session is somewhere around $6,500.

It’s hard to believe, but skydiving has become too boring for some! And for those, this is perfect. Why not jump off an airplane with a skyboard attached to your feet? In most cases it involves jumping off an airplane with a skyboard, a sort of snowboard, attached to your feet that allows you to perform super cool and awesome acrobatic maneuvers in the air before opening your parachute. Beginner’s skyboards start at $400, and go all the way up to $1,300 for experienced sky surfers. Plus, you need all the same skydiving equipment which retails at about $5,000. Keep in mind that you also have to pay the same skydiving fee per jump, which is between $200 and $400 per jump. The billionaire adrenaline junkie within you must be so excited.


2. Scuba Diving in underwater caves- $15,000+


Sure, you can get a scuba diving certificate in one day in some parts of the world, but don’t even for a minute think that it makes you qualified to explore those treacherous underwater caves. This is reserved for the most daring. It is, by far, the most dangerous type of diving, and extremely few people actually practice it. Due to a lot of reasons, high costs and level of skills required being a few. All the equipment recreational divers use is simply useless down here, as you might face hypothermia, lighting failure, or other injuries. So if you wish to take on underwater cave scuba diving, be prepared to spend well over $9,000 just for basic gear. Plus, there are travel costs and boat ride fees to consider.

For this sport you certainly want the best equipment out there and this is just part of the overall cost since you’ll have to pay a lot more just to get to these underwater caves. Boat rides, plane tickets, accommodations, this is why this is one of the world’s most expensive extreme sports.


1. High-Altitude mountain climbing- $100,000+ 

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At an altitude of over 2,100 meters above sea level the human body has difficulties adapting and at over 8,000 there’s even a “death one” where you cannot acclimatize. So for high altitudes involved here, you’ll need oxygen tubes or you’ll just suffocate. Even your nose isn’t enough and needs to depend on an external source.

It’s already been more than 50 years since Everest has been conquered, but there are many other daredevils and many other challenging peaks out there. The price of setting foot on some of the highest peaks of the world will certainly make even some millionaires nervous. This is a billionaire’s exclusive. High-altitude climbing demands special equipment, without which a climber would not even survive for a few minutes in the violent conditions. Plus, there’s the cost of keeping the climber alive, thorough logistics, and a whole team that supports the climber on his or her journey. Those who wish to ascend to the highest peaks will have to pay at least six digit figures. Special equipment will take you between $8,000 and $15,000. Plus, oxygen canisters will take you close to $30,000. Add around $10,000 for gear hauling services, and around $30,000 for a lead guide, and between $10,000 to $15,000 per assistant guide, which you usually need to hire two.


We told you, this list wasn’t for the weak hearted.





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