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Amazing Clubs That You’d Want to Join

Amazing Clubs That You’d Want to Join

The more exclusive a thing is, the more valuable it is. Nobody knows this better than the rich. What’s the point of having something if it is so easily available to other people, right?

Here we have compiled a list of some of the most exclusive members-only clubs in the world. Now these aren’t your average nightclubs, these are places where the most powerful people in the world go to hangout. Most of these clubs you probably haven’t heard of but one thing is for sure- these are places where the perks outweigh the high price tags (provided you can afford it).


  • White’s


White’s is the oldest and most exclusive gentlemen’s club in London. David Cameron himself was once a part of it, until he had to disown it because of the “No Women Allowed” policy that they follow. In here, you would find the finest British food and drink and of course, a very powerful network of people. There is a long wait to join this club and all members have to be vouched for by at least 35 signatures.


  • Cercle De Lorraine


Not only do you get exclusive privileges inside this club, but also outside it as well if you are a member. A $2,400 registration fees and an annual fees of $2,000 can buy you a place in this club, along with its facilities to host private events and a discount in approximately 68 parking lots around Belgium. This is a good place to throw your 50th birthday bash.


  • Silencio


Silencio is different from the above two clubs in that it was founded in this century (in 2011, to be precise). It is considered to be one of Paris’ premier art clubs which opens its doors to all creative people who have demonstrated strong commitment to their respective. Membership comes with a hefty price tag of $1900 per year plus $85 per month.


  • The Clubhouse


While the name of this club doesn’t impress much, its location does. Its location remains a mystery to people who aren’t its members as this knowledge is something that only members are privy to. Now that is as exclusive as it gets! The 4 story club in Argentina, apart from the many facilities that it has to offer, also gives you access to many private parties and clubs around the world! People are only allowed to join this club on invitation, which only happens after an interview process. They definitely judge who sits at their tables.


  • The Club at The Ivy


What makes this club interesting (apart from its members) is the fact that it has a hidden entrance at the back of a flower shop. This is a private, members-only club which you can only join on invitation and the ability to pay their annual fees.


These are just five of the many exclusive clubs that exist around the world. Do you know of any other famous ones that we have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!


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