Bored of Run-of-the-Mill Russian Roulette? Here are 5 Lesser Known Casino Games You Must Try Your Hand At

Bored of Run-of-the-Mill Russian Roulette? Here are 5 Lesser Known Casino Games You Must Try Your Hand At

Check out these rare and obscure casino games for a night of fun and frolic, the next time you find yourself aboard any one of Deltin’s floating casinos.

Goa is renowned the world over for its sunny beaches, laidback locals, partying destinations, and most importantly, casinos! The glitz and glamour that accompany the ambience of the extravagant Deltin floating casinos in the lazy Mandovi River, enhance the gambling experience furthermore. The luxurious Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk, and Deltin Caravela hotels and casinos offer fun-filled indoor entertainment for the entire family— slot machines and table games for the adults; while the children and elderly eat, drink, and enjoy live song and dance shows.

If you’re a regular fixture at Goa’s gambling paradise, you’ve probably taken a stab at all the casino favourites— Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Indian Flush (Teen Patti). Looking to try your hand at something new on your next weekend getaway to Goa? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Tear yourself away from the slot machines, and check out these lesser known but equally engaging casino gaming gems, and we promise you won’t regret it!

#1 Casino War


The casinos’ take on the classic playing card game of War, this undiscovered delight is touted as one of the easiest casino games of all time! Offering the added advantage of potentially beating the dealer more than 50% of the time, Casino War commences with players placing their bets while the dealer deals one card each.

Awfully simple to comprehend, the game’s rules are as follows: the lucky player with the higher card wins, while the lower card holder loses! The player and dealer can elect to go to ‘war’ over a tie or ‘surrender’, forfeiting the game. So, have you formed your winning strategy yet?

#2 Mini Flush

Dubbed the Indian edition of the popular 3-Card Poker game, this rare casino find bears only a slight resemblance to its American counterpart. Mini Flush is played using a standard 52 card deck, and the dealer and players receive three cards each, the endgame being to beat the dealer’s hand. The players may choose to keep their cards face down and play blind, either fighting the dealer’s hand or forfeiting the game.

Naturally, the player with the better hand beats the dealer, but there are a few striking differences between Mini Flush and 3-Card Poker— such as the rule of a qualifying hand of a queen or higher. Another distinction is the ranking of the hands in Mini Flush as compared to the traditional poker hands— Trial, Double Run, Run, Flush and Pair. Once the dealer has qualified with a queen high or better, the player kicks off the game by placing an ‘Ante’ wager.

Moreover, the player is entitled to an Ante bonus on being dealt any one of the top 3 ranked hands in the game, but qualifies for a payout only on beating the dealer’s hand. Here are the Ante bonus payouts— Trial: 5 to 1; Double Run: 4 to 1; Run: 1 to 1.

#3 3-Card Draw Poker

3 card poker

This relatively unknown treasure is described as the American version of Brag. Every player including the dealer receives three cards, after which they decide to either fold or bet. While the folding players forgo their ante wager, players who raise place their play bet, and the one with the highest hand is declared the winner! Sounds simple enough!

3-Card Poker is wildly popular among casino regulars, and Deltin frequently hosts poker tournaments aboard its lavish boats, attracting players from all across the country. Although the game offers a low house edge of 3.3%, it is considered to have one of the worst odds, even more so than European Roulette. But don’t let that stop you, because it’s tons of fun to play!

#4 Aces High


Here is a fun and exciting casino game for both novices and professionals alike. Players simply rely on their skills of prediction and pure luck to win in this game. The main aim of Aces High is to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one currently dealt. For eg. if a six is drawn from the pile, the chances of the following card being favourable are 50-50, but if an ace is drawn the next card will be lower by default.

Fortunate players can take home big winnings based on their betting amount and the number of cards they guess accurately. So if you feel like Lady Luck is smiling on you tonight, head to your nearest Deltin casino and have a crack at Aces High!

#5 Pai-Gow


If you’re a fan of poker, and are searching for an interesting variation to the game, we guarantee that Pai-Gow Poker is right up your alley! Also coined Double-Hand Poker, this Americanized version offers an entertaining twist on the traditional poker game. Invented by the owner of an LA-based card club owner in 1985, Pai-Gow is played using a standard 52 card deck including a single joker.

Players are pitted against one another around a half-moon table, and are dealt seven cards each with the objective of beating the dealer. Displaying their poker mastery and strategy, players have to make two winning poker hands by arranging their cards in the best possible way to outwit the dealer. The lucky winner can claim his stake by beating both of the dealer’s corresponding hands!

While most casino patrons prefer sticking to classic card games, there are always those risk-taking mavericks seeking that extra thrill. Besides the above mentioned, there are several other lesser known casino games such as Wheel of Fortune, Chuck-A-Luck, Derby Slots and Penny Slots up for grabs, too.


Head to any one of Deltin’s opulent floating casinos and check out some thrilling new games such as Casino War, Mini Flush and 3-Card Draw Poker this weekend! For more information about attractive deals and offers at Deltin Hotels and Casinos, check out



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