Casino Etiquette – Don’t Be That Guy

Casino Etiquette – Don’t Be That Guy

Following casino etiquette makes a good experience great for you, as well as other players around you.

There are no specific ‘rules’ that are prescribed but more a code of conduct that people instinctively follow at casinos. However, there are a few formal rules concerning card, cash, and chip handling.

Here’s everything you must know:

Learn Sign Language


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In games like blackjack, just saying “hit” or “stay” is not enough. This is due to the contention that a player could deny a verbal sign – for example, claiming he did not say ‘hit’ after busting. A signal with your hand is required so that the security cameras can see what is going on, and in case of dispute evidence could be presented. Simple gestures like a tap on the table for a hit and sideways movement for a stay will suffice. If you want to split then place another bet by your first one.

Know the Rules

Sitting down for a game without knowing the rules could disrupt the flow of the game due to constant questions. It is not wrong to ask questions to the dealer, however, this is not very considerate towards your fellow players. We suggest a quick look through the rules on the internet and you may also find guides at the casino.

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Also, never criticize another’s play or offer unsolicited advice at the tables.

Switch Off Your Mobile Phone



Just like in a cinema hall, talking on your mobile phone can prove to be very distracting to other players when they’re engrossed in the game. The croupier will surely ask you to turn your phone off while you’re playing or to step away from the table so you can to take your call.

Buying Chips


Every newcomer is likely to make a mistake when buying chips. When you buy chips, never hand the dealer cash; lay it on the table in front of you as you sit down. The croupier will notice this and change your money into chips, announcing the amount as he does so.

Also, before sitting at a table, check the minimum and maximum bets allowed at each table, as they will differ. These are clearly displayed on boards, so don’t sit down at a roulette table and hand over Rs.100, only to realise the minimum bet is Rs.200.

Dress Appropriately

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Usually, big casinos do not stress on a strict dress code but most do. Depending on where you are, you may have to sport a shirt or smart trousers. We suggest you check with the casino before you arrive to make sure you’re not underdressed. Heading all the way back to the room to change can be avoided.

Drink Responsibly

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Casinos are the ultimate gaming arenas where adults revel in gambling and all the entertainment and high life experience that come along with it. Satisfying your gambling taste buds will usually be accompanied with you sipping away at your preferred poison. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with the alcohol which will most probably lead to a miserable experience for you and your fellow players.

Touch Me Not

During a spin of the roulette or hand of blackjack, you should never try to move or remove any of the chips bet.  And you definitely do not want to touch other players’ chips for they will pour down their wrath on you, especially if they’re on a losing streak.

After the croupier places the winning chips on top of your bets on the table, it’s your job then to remove the chips. Or else, if you wish to, you could “let it ride” on the next bet.

At a roulette table, the colour of chips that you receive will be different from fellow players. This is to differentiate your chips from everyone else’s. Do not forget your colour and learn where the chips have to be placed correctly for a bet. If you are uncertain about the bets, you could ask the dealer for help, sotto voce. Don’t be afraid to ask because you do not want to forfeit bets by placing chips in the wrong place.

No Unleashing the Hulk

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It is silly to think that you could just walk out of a casino a rich man. It would be wise to enter with a mind-set that you are going to lose all your money so that you are not caught by surprise if you do. Have a grip on your temper when you lose and at all costs, try not to fly into a rage. Many times people start blaming the dealer or arguing with other players when things go south. Casino games should be fun and entertaining for you as well as other players at the table.

Helpful Tips

Unless you’re in a country where dealers can’t be tipped, it is expected that you leave a tip for the dealer when you get up to leave the table. Dealers rely on those tips for. This does not have to be a lot – Rs.100 to Rs.500 depending on your stakes should be enough.


So when you head to a casino, make sure you follow these etiquette and you will not experience a heated situation. If a fellow player loses his cool, then you shouldn’t lose yours as well, just keep calm and share this article with him. Visit one of the Deltin casinos and enjoy your winning streak amidst a friendly and buzzing atmosphere.



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