Celebrate Goan Extravagance

Celebrate Goan Extravagance

There’s no doubt that when it comes to India, no one hosts more extravagant and culturally rich festivals as compared to the state of Goa. It isn’t just about music, cuisines, fairs or decoration, it’s about them all! With a multi-cultural past, Goa celebrates Hindu, Christian and Portuguese festivals with a special day to commemorate all the ceremonies of festivals with a quintessential spirit. This city of happy-go-lucky people welcomes the tourist all over the world to show its glamour and dazzling celebrations and parties all day and all night long. With the entire city and its streets filled with jovial faces and their merry making, there’s no stopping this Goan extravagance!


  1. Goa Food and Cultural festival


Everyone knows when April comes, it brings along the much awaited 5 day Goa Food & Cultural festival. Hosted on the beaches of Goa, you’re going to find mouthwatering & delectable Goan delicacies such as fish curry and rice, Goan fish ‘ n’ chips and the Portugese vindaloo! We know you and your taste buds are already imagining the taste! You’ll find the who’s who of Goa and from the world over. Everyone from high-profile chefs of 5-star hotels, homemakers, restaurateurs take part in the festival exhibiting their culinary art at various beaches in Goa!


  1. The festival of Shigmo- The dance of colors


Celebrated on the 17th of March in parts of Goa like Vasco, Panji, Ponda, Mapusa and many more, the festival of Shigmo will have you witness folk groups of various women dancers perform dances like Ghode Modni, Fugdi etc., in respect of mortals who left their homes and families at the end of Dusshera to fight the cities invaders.

People also call this festival as Shigmotsav and all its festivities come along with the festival of Holi. People play with colors, hold umbrellas and various small sticks while dancing, in what many call, Goa’s answer to Holi.


  1. The Goa Carnival


Undoubtedly the most talked about and anticipated festival of the state, Carnival or the ‘Intruz’ is the only one of its kind in India. It happens from the 14th – 17th February. The word Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘to take away meat’ and is known for merrymaking, drinking, feasting prior to the holy and auspicious 40 days of Lent. The carnival has been celebrated since almost 300 years, starting when the legendary king Momo took over the state and the streets came alive with festivities, color & jovial music.


  1. Christmas in Goa!

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Saved for the last, is the grandest celebration of the festival of Christmas that the country sees. Whether it’s the delicious cake and pudding prepared during the festival, the grand Goan Christmas feast or the market place gracefully decorated with trinklets and sparkling Christmas trees, you’d love them all! Traditional midnight masses, homes light up, people smiling and jovial, there’s no better place to be in that Christmas week!




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