Cream of the Crop – The Perks of Being a High Roller

Cream of the Crop – The Perks of Being a High Roller

‘High Roller’ status at a casino makes you eligible for an unbelievable number of privileges! Read on as we list different ways in which casinos pamper their high rollers.

Now, for those of you not well-versed in casino lingo – a high roller is someone who gives the establishment a chance to win a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. High rollers bet anywhere from Rs.50,000 to Rs.10,00,000 per hand and sometimes play multiple big-ticket hands at a single table depending on the game. They have the ability to have an immediately considerable effect on a casino’s profits and are hence often referred to as “whales.”

Adnan Khashoggi

Adnan Khashoggi

High roller and billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi once caused Hilton International’s quarterly profits to drop by a whopping 19 percent as a result of a winning streak he experienced.

Here are some of the widely recognised high rollers:

Bruce Willis, Hollywood actor

Bruce Willis, Hollywood actor


Tiger Woods, professional golf player, winner of 79 official PGA Tour events

Tiger Woods, professional golf player, winner of 79 official PGA Tour events


Mike Aponte

Mike Aponte – A blackjack guru and former member of the MIT Blackjack Pack

The MIT Blackjack Pack was a group of students who took casinos around the world to the cleaners with their card counting skills. Aponte was the head of this crew and was the subject of a well-known Hollywood thriller ‘21′.

Hollywood Movie: '21'

Hollywood Movie: ’21’


Blackjack pro Regina Guzior (center)

Regina Guzior (center)

Regina is one of the world’s top blackjack players and she is blind. Her husband, John Peters, reads the cards for her.

High rollers at a casino receive royal treatment and are eligible for benefits and rewards that regular players won’t have access to. Here is a list of all the perks of being a high roller:

Cashback Offers

Many casinos offer cashback bonuses to their highest rollers. These bonuses and the requirements to receive them vary by casino, but tend to be pretty similar. Cashback bonuses are based on wagers you have placed, and usually, start at around 10-15% of your wager. However, some casinos increase cashback benefits to 25% for some of their top VIPs.

Exclusive VIP Club Rooms

High rollers are given special treatment and hence get exclusive VIP club rooms to enjoy casino gaming in a luxurious manner. The number of people in these VIP rooms is sparse and the VIP players can avoid gambling with amateur gamblers.

Starstruck moments

Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

Casinos have deep pockets that help attract some of the biggest celebrities in the world. You get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most popular celebrities. Playing at VIP Club rooms also give high rollers the chance to play against these celebrities as they may be high rollers themselves.


Citywide Discounts

Casinos work closely with other venues throughout the city and will provide complimentary meals at high-end restaurants and help score discounts at hotels. VIP seating or rooms may also be provided at such places. Casinos know that must do everything possible to keep a high roller happy.

Ride in Style

Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

Many VIPs ride in limousines or other high-end luxury cars or even party buses at the casino’s expense.  Some casinos may even go to the extent of flying in their most valued VIPs in a private jet.

Special Invites to the Best Parties in the Town

Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

High rollers get special invitations for the best parties in the city. If the parties are happening at any of the top offline casinos, then the high rollers are invited on a priority basis and get special treatment at the parties too.

A Dedicated Personal Host


As we mentioned earlier, casinos treat their high rollers as royalty and one of their ways is appointing them personal hosts. Yes! This person will be there day and night to cater to their client’s needs. They can even be used for arranging luxury services such as airplane tickets, hotel bookings, and car hire.

Unlimited Withdrawal and Deposit Limits

As a regular online casino player, you will be well aware that there are limitations to how much you can deposit/withdraw. Yes, of course, being a high roller, you will not face such restrictions. The dedicated host can help you work out what’s the best way to withdraw cash for you and if there are ways to avoid paying more fees than you need to.

Here are some other benefits that whales can enjoy at certain casinos:

Deltin Royale, Goa

Deltin Royale, Goa

Penthouse suites

Tickets to shows, concerts, and sporting events

Shopping sprees

Prime tee times at the best golf courses

Complimentary trips to exotic destinations

Dedicated account managers

Private meals prepared by celebrity chefs

Personalized gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries

Ever wished to experience what it is like to be a high roller? Well, you do not have to wait anymore. Whether or not you are a high roller, Deltin will surely give you that red carpet treatment.

Deltin Royale, Goa

Deltin Royale, Goa

With many available options, Deltin makes it easy for you to earn rewards while you play your favourite casino games. Our dedicated hosts and staff are devoted to exceeding your expectations.

Once you’ve visited one of Deltin’s casinos, the opulent look and feel of the property will absolutely stun you, and you will never forget the services provided to ensure you have the best casino experience possible.



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