Daman and Diu-a place where dreams do come true!

Daman and Diu-a place where dreams do come true!

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly”- Van Morrison

Your wedding was an ethereal experience. Your reception was a scene plucked out of a Bollywood movie. Your honeymoon will also be a heavenly experience when you visit Daman and Diu.
This union territory is blessed with sun-kissed sands, breathtaking natural resources and mouth-watering culinary delights. All of which are guaranteed to make your honeymoon one of the best and most memorable experiences of your life.

Walk hand-in-hand on the beach

Take your first steps together as husband and wife while walking barefoot on sun-soaked white sands. Let the gentle waves wash over your names etched in sand. Feel tranquility and harmony envelop you as the gentle ocean breeze sweeps across your face. You can take this opportunity to gently brush aside the fallen wisps of hair from her face and steal a soft kiss. Diu has many breathtaking beaches such as Jalandhar beach, Nagoa beach and Ghoghla beach, where you and your soulmate can truly become one.

Let loose your adventurous side!


Throw your cares to the wind, put on your sexiest swimwear and head to Vaibhav Waterpark in Daman. This popular amusement park is a great place to rejuvenate your soul and let loose your carefree side. After all those months of planning and preparing for your wedding, the 36 feature rides at the waterpark are sure to create a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience for you and your spouse. Nani Daman and Devka beach are other popular amusement parks with the added bonus of talcum-coloured sands, set against the backdrop of ancient monuments and lazy palms. A great place to wind down your adventure-filled day!

Shop to your heart’s content!


After a quick afternoon siesta and a rejuvenating cup of coffee, it’s time to put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and go shopping! Both Daman and Diu offer many options when it comes to souvenirs, keepsake items and retail merchandise. This is one of the best places to purchase a memorable gift for your spouse. The shops at Maharaja Market in Daman are ideal for leather slippers, handbags and purses. Due to their proximity to the beach, you can also find a wide range of seashell products such as earrings, bracelets and chains.

Tantalize your taste buds


For an experience that will heighten the senses, take a wine tour through the many vineyards and distilleries located across Daman and Diu. The region boasts 10 distilleries and many foreign and regional liquors, all at affordable prices. After all that shopping, grab a fine bottle of wine and head back to the hotel room. The wine will heighten the romance of the evening.

Experience tempting culinary delights!


The colourful and spicy array of foods of traditional Daman and Diu cuisine will surely excite your love’s heart! The region’s food is an eclectic amalgamation of European, African and Indian cultures. With a location so close to the beach, you can also expect to find sumptuous sea food delights. While there, be sure to try some of their regional foods such as chicken bullet, fish koliwada, cozido and aleti paleti. There are a multitude of restaurants, eateries, cafes and food stalls dotted along the main streets of the region. For an after-dinner nightcap, head to any of the area’s many bars and be prepared for an exciting night!

Stay At The Deltin

The Deltin, Daman is the most luxurious getaway resort to stay at in Daman and the tariffs are affordable to one and all. Deltin boasts of 176 exquisitely designed rooms that open to Daman’s greenery and the very large meandering pool. There’s a spa with 7 treatment rooms offering European and Asian treatments. The resort also  houses the Emperor Restaurant, famous for its authentic multi-cuisine culinary delights. For the gaming population, the resort is on its way in coming up with one of the largest casinos in Daman. It also has a host of recreational facilities available for guests. Make sure to check out their attractive offers while you book your stay!

Your honeymoon is your first “private” time together as husband and wife. It is a time when love and romance surrounds you as you take your first steps together as a married couple. Why not take those first steps in a place that has breathtaking beaches, tempting treats and superb shopping options.






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