The Most Expensive Cities in the World

The Most Expensive Cities in the World

Wake up early in the morning to your fresh cup of Ghana coffee while looking out of your window, which just happens to overlook the skyline of your city. Finishing up your lavish breakfast spread as you slip back into your Egyptian silk bed sheets, wondering where next you can blow your money in exchange for a good time and a new experience.

If this lifestyle sounds a bit like yours, then you should probably visit the list of cities that we have compiled for you below. Make no mistake, according to forbes.com, the below cities just happen to be the most expensive in the world. So when you do visit, make sure that your wallet is as fat as your pocket can handle (or you could just keep some cards handy).

5) Copenhagen


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the country that gave the world Danish pastries. Everything from the views, the food, the weather and even the average expenditure are far above average when it comes to Copenhagen. It is a good place to get that Nordic experience you’ve always been wanting, except with a tinge of sophistication to it. Everything in Copenhagen, or even Denmark for that matter, is tasteful. Even the Christmas decorations are tasteful. Copenhagen is best known for its beautiful architecture, its designer led stores and the Michelin star eateries that it is glittering with.


4) Oslo


It’s clean, it’s green, it’s scenic and it’s expensive. Oslo is the capital of Norway and is reputed to be a place where one can be their most artistic. It’s the kind of place that you would probably find people sitting on benches and covering up canvasses with their portraits and paints. Oslo is a good place to be if you like visiting museums and galleries. Apart from that, it is also famed for its nightlife and thriving bar and café culture.

If you’re the more adventurous types, there are a lot of options to get your adrenalin going- skiing, hiking and even cycling through forests. But if Oslo isn’t expensive enough for you then there’s always a more expensive one on the list, at least until we reach number 1.


3) New York


New York is the kind of city that is brimming with charisma and recognition. Everybody has heard of New York even before visiting it. In fact, if this wasn’t the era of information technology, we’re willing to bet that many people would be living under the impression that this city is the capital of the United States of America (Washington D.C is). Small alleys that are like veins and tall skyscrapers that literally touch the skies are what this city is known for. Ever followed an Instagram account which is all about the high life? The pictures that are posted on those accounts are taken in New York. If you have the money, then New York is one of the greatest cities that you can be in.

2) Geneva


Geneva is one city that has the perfect backdrop. It lies cozily tucked away in the shadows of the mountains that tower over it, keeping it safe from the blizzard winds that lie on the other side. It is after visiting cities such as these that people realized the incredibly lavish lifestyles that the Swiss lead. For some people, Geneva is the epitome of lakeside sophistication. When here, feast on the international cuisine that it has to offer, visit its famed chocolate shops and go for a drink or two (or 10) in its neighbourhood bars that hum to the tune of ‘this is the place to be’.


1) Zurich


The thing about Zurich and Geneva is that it is easy to visit both since they are pretty close to each other, keeping in mind that both the cities are in Switzerland. Zurich is one place where efficiency meets culture, just like its lakes meet the land. It is a perfect blend of many different elements that you won’t find anywhere else in the world (and where you’ll probably spend more money than in any other place). Much of the ancient parts of the city are well preserved and yet merged with the contemporary culture that this city now has to offer. Apart from the city itself, there are many scenic trails one can go on close by.

Have you ever visited any of the above cities? What did you like most about them? Let us know in the comments below!



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