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Extravagant Penthouses of The World

Extravagant Penthouses of The World

The residential culture is changing around the world. What counts more than anything nowadays is convenience. People want everything within walking distance and they want the added services of spas and even Concierge, and they’re even willing to pay for it. Residences like this even boast of zero-maintenance, which is definitely an added benefit.

What we just described to you will perhaps give you a glimpse into what the most extravagant penthouses that one can find are like. If not, then here they are anyway.

10) One Madison, New York

1 PH

Price Tag- $43 Million
An indoor pool, marble walls and butler service- these are just some of the amenities that one can look forward to here. Apart from that, one can also look forward to bumping into Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in the elevator in this lavish building.

9) One Thousand Museum Condos, Miami

2 PH

Price Tag- $45 Million
What makes these penthouses stand out is the architectural finesse with which they were designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid. Amenities include two floors of wellness and spa services, a terrace overlooking the Miami skyline and a private helipad. What makes it even cooler is that the building has its own customized ‘building scenting’ to bring some nice aromas into your life. The building’s construction is still underway and will be completed in 2018.

8) Clermont Residence, Singapore

3 PH

Price Tag- $47 Million
Starting at 180 meters and soaring to 290 meters above sea level, Clermont Residence undoubtedly has one of the best views in Singapore. It is managed by Clermont, a global operator of 5-star hotels, so you can imagine how luxurious and yet comfortable it would be to reside in one of these penthouses.

7) 56 Leonard, New York

4 PH

Price Tag- $47 Million
This tower is almost entirely made from cantilevered glass, meaning that no matter where in the house you are, a breath-taking view is only an eye’s glance away. The building also includes a 25 seat cinema and a 75- foot pool.

6) Opus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

5 PH

Price Tag- $58.6 Million
This building’s 8th floor apartment has already broken the record for the most expensive apartment ever sold in the city. For now, Opus is only available for rent.

5) Tour Odeon, Monaco

6 PH

Price Tag- $65.7 Million
Tour Odeon is the tallest building in the whole of Monaco, meaning it has unparalleled views of the azure Mediterranean principality. Tour Odeon offers a unique opportunity to live in one of its 60 ultimate homes, each with an ultimate price tag.

4) South Bank Tower, London

7 PH

Price Tag- $90 Million, asking price
It was originally a 30 storey structure that was designed in 1972. Now however, it is a 41 storey building offering 191 luxury apartments and office space. The penthouse is a triplex with two roof terraces that overlook the River Thames and beyond.

3) One57, New York

8 PH

Price Tag- $90 Million
This development is the tallest building in residential New York. The 95 condos in this luxurious building are one of the only in New York to have such a superb view of Central Park, one of the only green areas in the city. It is after all only for the privileged few.

2) 432 Park Avenue, New York

9 PH

Price Tag- $95 Million
A midtown Manhattan neighbour of One57, 432 Park Avenue is the second tallest residential building in New York. The penthouse has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a library. Not to mention other facilities such as a swimming pool and a wine cellar.

1) One Hyde Park, London

10 PH

Price Tag- $227 Million
This is one of the most talked about penthouses in the world. That’s right, living here would put you in the global spotlight. Some would call it paid PR, but we call it owning one of the plushest penthouses in the world and going to sleep with a smile on your face. Over here, you can look forward to amenities ranging from a squash court to a Golf simulator.

So tell us, which one of these penthouses seems the most tempting?


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