Gambling Stories From Around The World

Gambling Stories From Around The World

1. She Rolls, She Wins

In this story we follow Grandma Patricia Demauro who had the devil’s own luck, winning roll after roll in a single session at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. It was her second time playing craps and she had just 100 dollars on her. She played for 4 hours and 18 minutes and won all her 154 rolls. Grandma Demauro never revealed how much she won, but she left a number of visitors astounded as they witnessed an old lady take the casino to the cleaners.

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2. Her Luck Ran Out

This story can be classified both as depressing and to some extent as funny. A woman in Arizona won 1200 dollars while playing at a local casino. It was a happy story till she went to collect the money. When she wanted to cash out they asked her for her documents and she wasn’t able to produce her passport. This led to further questioning and subsequently a deportation back to Mexico. This incident is like a banner ad for the importance of fake IDs.


3. To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Sometimes when you are extremely good at something, people think you are bending the rules. The same thing happened in 2000 when gambler James Grosjean and Michael Russo were detained by a casino and were accused of cheating. The casino forgot about the incident and got back to business as usual but both James and Michael decided to sue. They put forward the argument that they were not caught with any cheating devices and that they had used their wits and technique to best the system. The casino was left reeling after the duo actually won the case and changed the way Casino’s dealt with card counters.


4. Poker Prodigy

This story is a bit unconfirmed but still makes for good reading. In the year 2010 there were reports of an 8 year old boy in India who made 500,000 dollars when he used his uncle’s online poker account. The company tried their best to find a loophole to escape from paying up. The poker site even went ahead and blocked the account. Reportedly the case is being fought out in India’s courts as the parents of the boy took legal action against the company.


5. Tech Savvy Gamblers

Two students from the University of California designed a set of computerized gadgets which fit into their shoes. These devices were made to beat the elusive roulette wheel. One of them would have a device to disrupt the wheel while the other person would make bets to capitalize on this disruption. They made merry for a few months before they inevitably got caught. At the end the only things they had to show for their winnings were burnt socks and singed shoes.


6. FedEx

It’s funny when you think that one of the biggest logistic companies in the world would not have existed if the owner’s luck hadn’t been with him on one particular day. CEO Fred Smith was in a fix when he faced a 24000 dollar gas bill with just 5000 dollars in the bank. What did Fred Smith do? He took off to Vegas with the 5000 dollars and turned it into 27000 at the Blackjack table. If that hadn’t happened he would have needed to liquidate the company.


7. Lucky Number 7

A guy named Ashley Revell decided to go all in and bet 135,000 dollars on the number 7. This money was basically his life’s worth and he had sold all his possessions before boarding the plane to Vegas. He doubled his money with this one bet. To cap things off, he never gambled again.




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