Game of Thrones in Real Life!

Game of Thrones in Real Life!

Croatia- the land of crows from Asia (we’re kidding about that part) is known by many for its picturesque sceneries. It is this aesthetic beauty that is responsible for it being chosen as the filming location of the cult T.V. show ‘Game of Thrones’.


See that image above? Most of you probably recognise it despite its nuanced appearance from the big screen (or small screen depending on if you watched Game of Thrones on a laptop). This is the great city of Dubrovnik, A.K.A King’s Landing- the seat of the throne of the King in the North. Since Game of Thrones fanfare is something not to be trifled with, we have gone through the pleasing trouble of assembling a list of the 7 most recognisable filming locations in Dubrovnik (you’re welcome, G.O.T fanatics).


Cersei’s Path on The Walk of Atonement, Season 5


For us, this was a game changing couple of moments in the storyline of Game of Thrones. In real life, this location is close to the entrance of the two Buza bars in Dubrovnik.



The Red Keep’s Gardens, Season 3


This garden, if you remember, is the one frequented by the Tyrells whenever they visited King’s Landing. It is located 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik’s old town and is a Botanical Garden known as Arboretum Trsteno.


 The Steps of the Sept of Baelor, Seasons 4-6


This iconic staircase has served as the backdrop for many important scenes in the series. In Dubrovnik, it is known as the Jesuit Staircase.



The Streets of King’s Landing


The streets of King’s Landing are a place festering with rebellion and discontentment. In real life however, the same street can be described as quaint and worth a visit. It is known as St. Dominik Street. Have a look at it below:


The Place Where Joffrey (we’d rather not call him a king) Got Poop Flung on His Face


For many, this was one of the few times on Game of Thrones that one was actually in complete agreement with what just took place on the screen. More aptly put, this is where poop was flung on Joffrey’s face. In real life, this now prestigious area is known as the Pile Gate Entrance.



Blackwater Bay


Who can forget the Battle of Blackwater Bay? No one can. This Bay in real life is known as the Pile Bay.



The Docks


Seeing how many scenes were shot here, it is safe to assume that the docks were an important filming location. In the above scene, Sansa is attempting to cheer up an indifferent Shae with a game of guessing about the passing boats. This dock is also located at the Pile Bay.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan and are headed to Europe for a vacation, we would recommend Dubrovnik.

Which one of these places would be the first on your list? Let us know in the comments below!






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