A Gastronomical Guide to Goa – Succulent Representatives of Six Fantastic Cuisines

A Gastronomical Guide to Goa – Succulent Representatives of Six Fantastic Cuisines

One of the hottest tourist destinations of the world, Goa has much to offer in terms of surf, turf, and sunshine. But another hidden treasure of this exotic coastal refuge is the rich culinary experience that is embedded deep within the culture and its people. World class chefs, beautiful eating spaces, and a scintillating mix of traditional and modern, Goa is a gourmet delight just waiting to be explored.

Since Goa gets a fair share of travelers, making it a hub for a cosmopolitan, truly global populace, the same is reflected in the myriad culinary choices it offers. We’ve identified the best in each cuisine on offer for the discerning foodie right here:


Goan Fish Curry Rice

Goan cuisine is a beautiful blend of cultures, presenting the palate with one of the best fusions of eastern spices and western flavors. Delectable dishes served out of a Goan kitchen can truly make for a vacation to remember. Vindaloo, Balchao, Reacheado, and Xacuti have become global favorites and the gigantic Fish Thalis, exclusive to the state, are a foodie’s dream with every possible oan seafood preparation on one plate. Go under the radar to some of the smaller establishments further inland and avoid seaside shacks for a truly authentic experience and great quality food. Our pick? Vishant Restaurant – a blue door-ed hole-in-the-wall establishment at the Siolim church intersection. Make it between the hours of 12 pm – 4 pm for a truly transformative seafood thali experience.

Another favourite is the Vinayak Family Restaurant in Assagao – don’t come back without getting your fingers deep into their crab masala curry.

A hidden gem with contemporary Goan fusion offerings is the romantic little outfit in Morjim called Sublime. There’s nothing on the menu you will regret eating.


Italiano TuscanyGardens

Goa has an amazing number of authentic Italian eateries that cook using traditional techniques like wood-fired ovens and handmade pastas. Using fresh local ingredients and time-honored Italian secrets, places like Piccola Roma, Tuscany Gardens, Cavatina Cuchina, and Ciao Bella will really make you exclaim mamma mia!


french la plage

Few things that compare to the luxury of a fine French meal, and Goa can boast of several connoisseurs that offer the most genuinely French ambience and a la carte menus. After having a lavish course at restaurants like Le Poisson Rouge, La Plage, and L’Azur don’t forget to stop at Baba Au Rhum for a bite out of some fantastic French breads.



The coastline of Goa is perfectly complemented by the sizzling shimmers of a Greek barbecue. As your day ends with a perfect sunset, begin your night by indulging in succulent meats and glazed, crisp vegetables straight off the fire at bona fide Greek restaurants like Thalassa.  

Contemporary Australian

australian antares

The gastronomical scene in Australia is dynamic and exciting, with experimental cooking at the center of it all. Celebrity chefs like Sarah Todd have brought the experience to Goa allowing locals and tourists to have a share of this adventurous cuisine. Head on over to Antares to partake for yourself.



Not just a passing fad, veganism is now a lifestyle choice opted by many. The multifaceted benefits of vegan cuisine have led to a popular demand and new, imaginative recipes area trademark. Alternative cafes like the Blue Tao, Bean Me Up and The Funky Raw Café are the perfect places to get that healthy, happy glow of a satisfying meal. Shantaram’s raw vegan food thali is a unique delight in its own right.

The biggest surprise, however, is a small café tucked away in the back of the Crystal Shop on the road to Ozran Beach. Called Blossom Café, this raw-food vegan café can make a convert out of the staunchest cynic.

Insiders tip

For an all-round encounter with a cornucopia of palettes, head to the Arpora Saturday Night Market and sample exotic dishes from the numerous food-stalls representing different parts of the globe.

Goa is the perfect confluence of people from all parts of the world and the abundance of cuisines shows the culinary prowess and multitude of cultural connections that make it an incredible destination. On your next trip, discover the pleasures of a perfect plate in paradise.



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