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Inside Trump’s Astonishing Multi-Million Dollar Homes

Inside Trump’s Astonishing Multi-Million Dollar Homes

From the Presidency to ridiculously expensive penthouses and insane vineyards, Trump really does have it all. While many people are struggling to pay their rent, Trump is busy enjoying his property portfolio, one that just happens to be a large chunk of Manhattan and some parts of North East Scotland to name a few. Here’s what the man goes back to after a long day at the Oval Office (depending on which home he chooses to go back to, of course).


Trump Tower Penthouse, Manhattan


This three-storey lavish spread is reportedly worth $100 million! This means gold trimmed furniture, marble statues, hand-frescoed ceilings, need we say more? To top it all off, there’s that view of the entire city. This is one house that many would dream of going home to.



Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach


This particular abode has been described by a few to be marginally more tasteful than Trump’s New York penthouse, and we can see why. Apart from being a beautiful house, this particular structure is also an acknowledged landmark in the National Register of Historic Places. We wouldn’t blame people for mistaking it to be a palace of sorts because that is exactly what it is! Trump purchased this landmark in 1987 and resided privately in it till 1995. It now serves as a private-members club that fetched Trump an approximate figure of $1.5 million last year!


Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles


Trump bought this property for $10.35 million and then sold it again for $9.5 million. For a man in his position, the only thing that he lost was a couple of notes of worthless paper. The regal home boasts of 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The 15,000 sq. ft. house, on the famous street of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, pleasantly rests on 30,974 sq. ft. of land. Its current value is $30 million, just in case you’re looking to add new homes to the dream list.



Kluge Estate, Charlotteville


Trump acquired this 23,000 sq. ft. mansion, along with 2,000 acres of land around it in 2011. This estate is prized by Donald Trump as a personal vineyard, one that was acquired from the previous owner when she defaulted on her loans to the Bank of America. This property has proven to be an asset for the businessman, with the wine fetching him millions of dollars over the past couple of years.


Now while we have covered a portion of Trump’s houses, there are surprisingly or not so surprisingly many more apart from the ones that we have mentioned on this list. Now that is one drool-worthy lifestyle.






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