Look Out For These 9 Qualities in Your Casino Dealer If You’d Like to Win Big!

Look Out For These 9 Qualities in Your Casino Dealer If You’d Like to Win Big!

First time in a casino? Before you hit the tables, here are nine traits to watch out for in your dealer, to ensure that you make the most of your evening at the casino and earn a few extra bucks!

A fun experience at the casino is amplified when a player wins big, but he or she is sure to pay a visit again if the dealer is a perfect gentleman, too. Check out these nine important characteristics that distinguish a good casino dealer from a bad one.

#1 Polite and Courteous

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A warm and welcoming smile goes a long way indeed! Being hospitable and maintaining a cheery disposition are the key qualities of a competent casino dealer. Making an effort to know the names and backgrounds of the players at your table creates loyalty, and ensures that customers keep coming back for more!

#2 Know the Rules of the Game


A dealer must always remain at the top of their game! Always find one who knows and understands the fundamentals of popular casino games like Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat to help you out in a tight spot and perhaps, spare you from losing money!

#3 Technical Skills

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Any casino regular will tell you that dealing cards are akin to an art form in the gambling industry. The ability to shuffle cards well and riffle them smooth and tight is the basic criteria for being a fine dealer, so as to prevent players at the table from gaining an unfair advantage by getting a sneak peek, and also to create a sense of performance and entertainment at the tables!

#4 Professionalism


Dealing with an expert who is good at their job always leaves a lasting impression on visitors, and the casino is no different. Having common courtesy, practicing a good posture, being respectful, and using an open hand at all times are some of the qualities you can look out for in a thoroughly professional dealer!

#5 Show Restraint


When money and alcohol mix, there is always the possibility of tempers flaring at the tables. A drunk or sore loser could easily blow matters out of proportion; in such extreme cases, it falls on the dealer to maintain his composure and keep everyone’s emotions in check, without getting aggressive. Look out for someone who can exercise restraint and patience—crucial qualities required to diffuse tense situations and ensure that everyone has a good time!

#6 Eloquent and Engaging

Carrying on an intelligent and engaging conversation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. An accomplished dealer knows how to keep things moving and interesting at the table. Players look forward to interacting with a dealer having an extrovert personality, which is essential to maintain a high level of activity during the game.


Dealers must possess outstanding communication and conflict-resolution skills— key requisites in the entertainment and hospitality sector. Seek out a croupier who can call a good game!

#7 Diplomacy

Experienced casino dealers have the ability to pay attention to detail and consistently adapt to the playing style of customers. Unfortunately, sore losers sometimes blame the dealer after losing a bet, and novices may be thrown off their game by such allegations. Find a trained dealer who can remain calm under such circumstances and has a high stress tolerance to diplomatically resolve misunderstandings.

#8 Helpful and Trustworthy

Besides having to act like a referee at times, a good dealer must also double as an entertainer for when a player’s morale takes a nosedive after losing a bet. Hunt for a  helpful dealer who doles out tips and comps when a player looks like he needs it!

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Source: GIPHY

Nevertheless, customers must always be careful about unscrupulous characters as it may not always be appropriate to provide assistance—such dealers could have ulterior motives or simply be trolling for tips!

#9 Basic Love of Numbers

A slow and inefficient dealer will definitely put a dampener on the spirit of the game. Having the ability to think quickly on your feet and being analytical is important because the dealer is responsible for handling all the payouts—who won the pot, how much winners should be rewarded and how to split the pot when necessary. Beware of incompetent dealers who take too long and incorrectly pay out winnings!

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Mathematical abilities are a core competency required by casinos so make sure that your dealer has his tables of 8, 17 and 35 down pat. Also, find someone who is proficient at cashing players in and out of a game so as to not disrupt the others’ fun!


Now that you’ve been trained to spot an expert dealer, head down to any one of Deltin’s floating casinos and try your luck at table games like Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack. For information about Deltin’s admission fee and entry packages, visit




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