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Luxury Weddings Just Got Crazier!

Luxury Weddings Just Got Crazier!

Everybody is looking to make their weddings more luxurious and memorable. From building entire temples, to renting out 5 stars and even getting married in a romantic destination- it’s all been done. What could possibly be the next step? We’ll give you a hint, it involves wheels.

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has just come up with a way to take luxury weddings to the next level with its Wedding on Wheels.

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The Wedding on Wheels will offer five star facilities for a wedding like no other, while chugging through the Indian countryside. Each moment will literally give you a different scenery!

This is not the first time that the IRCTC will be providing customers with a luxury train experience though. The Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels and Golden Chariot also fall under the same category, except that they are not meant for weddings.

So, when the IRCTC says that they are making a train for luxury weddings, it’s safe to say that they know exactly what they are doing.

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What makes the Wedding on Wheels different from its other luxury lines is that it made specifically for wedding purposes. Wedding planners and couples will have a wide variety of options to choose from, ranging from luxury or semi-luxury coaches, spas, saunas, travel circuits, food and the number of guests. It’s exactly like planning a normal wedding, except in this one you have the luxury of stopping at a destination of your choice, be it the Taj Mahal or the Rann of Kutch.

Railway officials are currently working on the finer details of the project, and as one could expect, it will require a lot of meticulous logistical planning to ensure its success. One probable logistical problem could be how the booking system would work, keeping in mind the couples’ choice of destination; but let’s leave that to the railway officials, now shall we?

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Through the Wedding on Wheels, the IRCTC hopes to attract foreigners, NRIs and anybody else looking for a magical Indian wedding experience. It also stands to gain quite a lot of money from this lucrative project, provided it takes off in the way that they (and quite frankly we) are hoping that it will.

Do you have any ideas for a not-your-average luxury wedding yourself? Share it with us in the comments below!

(You never know, somebody with money may read it and get in touch with you. Now that’s what one would call a comment to change a life!)


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