What Makes Rolls-Royce So Expensive

What Makes Rolls-Royce So Expensive

Rolls-Royce is a brand that needs no introduction. Their line of cars have always been the epitome of luxury. Let’s have a look at what makes a Rolls-Royce so expensive and exquisite.


Long Lasting

Statistically speaking, 65% of the Rolls-Royce that have ever been built still run on the road. This is a testament to how built-to-last their cars are. Proud owners still keep their old Rolls-Royce and continue using them.


Heed to Detail

Next time you see a Roll-Royce drive by, notice that the RR badge in the wheel cap always stays upright at all times. It doesn’t rotate with the wheel, unlike other cars. That is a really cool feature and you’ll find it on every Rolls-Royce.



Rolls Royce engineers sure know how to provide comfort to their passengers. Road noises make a journey tiring. Keeping this in mind, Rolls-Royce engineers have designed their cars in such a way that they’re extremely silent. At 100kmph, the loudest noise in the Rolls comes from the clock on the dashboard.


Use only the finest materials

Rolls-Royce uses bullhide to make its interiors and not cow hide. The reason behind that being the cow receives stretch marks on giving birth. 11 bull hides are used for one car and it takes 17 days to complete the interiors.



The Spirit of Ecstasy has been the Rolls-Royce mascot since 1911. When BMW bought over the brand, they paid $40 million in order to use the logo. The logo has so much importance that it slides into the grill when the car is locked so that it cannot get stolen.


These are some of the many things which truly make the Rolls a car worth the price.


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