Mean Military Machines: Get Set Adrenaline!

Mean Military Machines: Get Set Adrenaline!

It’s a well-known fact that the highest expense of any country’s budget is its military. Heads of nations take national security very seriously, so much that the U.S claims to have spent $1.1 Trillion in the year 2015 alone. Many of us don’t even know how many zeroes are there in a trillion! With all this money being spent, we sought out on a mission, a mission to bring you a list of the “Meanest’ military machines ever built! Hold on to your seats as we present the most badass machines of war the world has ever witnessed:



  1. The Marauder


Weighing a whopping 21,000 pounds & being able to host a crew of 10, it can sustain blasts from mines and hand grenades. The second photo puts its size into perspective, compared with a Hummer!

The Marauder is available as two vehicle configurations, the standard 4×4 or the monstrous 6×6. Originally designed to operate in urban, built-up and confined areas it is smaller in both size and weight than the Matador, a similarly armored vehicle. The Marauder has a cruising speed of around 100 to 120 km/h (62–75 mph), and a maximum range of 700 kilometers (430 mi). Often labelled as the ‘Hummer Killer’, this bad boy is capable of making the Hummer look like an infant in its comparison.


  1. GHOST


The GHOST’s unique design enables it to practically fly over the water!

Currently being marketed as a means of protecting commercial vessels against pirate attacks, its three-crew-member watercraft is intended primarily to patrol the perimeter of naval fleets, ready to spring into action against attacking small enemy boats. There have been rumors around the point that it can carry thousands of pounds of weapons, including Mark 48 torpedoes in an internal weapons bay, and could incorporate sophisticated and new-age multiple weapons systems, capable of firing on several targets simultaneously, reducing them to dust in a matter of seconds!


  1. Caspian Sea Monster

1-7 1-6

Traveling at 350mph with a load of 270,000lbs this bad boy was one of the most intimidating vehicles ever!

With a wingspan of 37.6 m, a length of 92 m, and a maximum take-off weight of 544 tons, this mammoth, part GEV-part airplane came to be called “The Caspian Sea Monster”. Titled the largest aircraft in the world, when it was invented, it was designed to fly at an altitude of 5-10 meters in order to utilize the ground effect. The Caspian Sea Monster was capable of carrying up to 137 tons (270,000 pounds) of troops and equipment—including as many as six nuclear missiles— as far as 1,080 nmi, at speeds up to 350 MPH!


  1. Zubr-class LCAC

1-8 1-9

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it the hovercraft of god himself!

The Russians have established supremacy in the hovercraft field as well with the Zubr class, which was first deployed in 1988, proving that hovercrafts can have military applications too! Usually used to sealift vehicles (including tanks) and land troops from carriers to shore & displacing 621 tons along with a haul 150 tons of cargo, the Zubr is the largest & meanest military hovercraft in the world. With an operating range of 300 miles at 30-40 knots, it can easily make landfall to disgorge its cargo in inclement weather!


  1. Mil MI-26

1-10 1-11

The eight blade chopper from hell which can lift airplanes!

What better to drastically change the face of warfare than the invention of the helicopter? With its then iconic vertical take-off and landing capabilities, allowing soldiers and equipment to be inserted in high-stress situations, the helicopter became an instant hit world over. As the technology grew more advanced, engineers created larger and more powerful choppers, finally maxing out with the Russian Mil MI-26, the mother load of them all! It’s the largest and most powerful transport helicopter ever to be created with an eight-blade main rotor, making it capable of carrying large-sized cargos weighing as much as 20 tons! The result? Unmatched lifting power.



  1. The Gustav Gun

1-12 1-131-14

50 meters long and fired 5000 kg shells. There was no hiding from it.

When Hitler found himself daunted by the wall of French forts along the German border during WW II, he commissioned what would become the world’s largest gun ever built, the Gustav. His objective was to bombard those encampments from extremely comfortable distances, so as to compromise as minimal of his forces as possible. Weighing a flabbergasting 1344 tons, the Gustav required a 500-man crew to maintain and operate it, shooting targets up to 30 miles away! It played an instrumental role in decimating the enemy defenses during the siege of Sevastopol, but was soon afterwards captured by the U.S. army


  1. Typhoon Submarine

1-15 1-16

The world’s biggest submarine class, The Typhoon, has a submerged displacement of more than 48,000t. A nuclear-powered submarine equipped with ballistic missiles, Dmitry Donskoy, was the first of the six submarines in the class which was commissioned in 1981. It is still in active service with the Russian Navy! Typhoon Class submarines have a length of 175m, beam of 23m and draught of 12m. They’re powered by two nuclear water reactors, two 50,000hp steam turbines and four 3,200KW turbogenerators! Capable of sailing at a speed of 22.2kt on the surface and 27kt below water, it’s pretty much blink & miss with this sneaky badboy. Multiple pressure hulls make the Typhoon wider than any other submarine, which also enables crew members to comfortably live aboard for as long as 120 days.

The submarine carries 20 RSM-52 intercontinental three-stage solid propellant ballistic missiles capable of holding 100kt of nuclear warheads each. It is also equipped with six 533mm (21in) torpedo tubes and type 53 torpedoes. If the end of the world ever comes, it would be delivered to us by The Typhoon.

 1-17 1-18

It doesn’t get meaner than these machines. There’s a reason why most of them belong to superpowers of the world. They assert their military supremacy and make them a superpower!

We’re always on the lookout for military machines that would get your adrenaline pumping. If you know of any that deserve a position in this list, comment down below. We’d love to hear from you!





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