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Middle Eastern Rich Vs Western Rich: The Difference will render you speechless!

Middle Eastern Rich Vs Western Rich: The Difference will render you speechless!


There’s rich and then there’s ‘Middle Eastern Rich’. A completely different league all together! Whether it’s money coming in from their legacy of oil wells, or being a partner of every business that exists within the GCC; ‘Middle Eastern Rich’ manages to blow away its counterpart in every possible gold plated way!


       1. Buying a supercar VS Owning a garage full of supercars!

The rich guy from the West saves up and after a few months goes all out to purchase a Lamborghini Veneno for $1 million, right? Do you know what the middle-eastern rich guy does? He owns a garage full of 30 such supercars at the age of 20 and then goes ahead to spend $1million, just to skip the waiting period on the latest Lamborghini!

2 3

Dhia Al Essa owns around 30 supercars worth $20 million. Middle East-1, the West- 0


       2. Owning a pet dog VS Owning a Cheetah

The WAGS of the rich in the west might look mighty upscale with their cute Chihuahuas popping out of Louis Vuitton handbags. The cost? $3,00,000. You think that’s impressive and expensive? Wait till you see cheetahs & lions as pets in $50,00,000 SUV’s & $5,00,00,000 homes

4 5

Wild beasts are often seen as pets in this part of the world. Middle East-2, the West-0


       3. A chartered flight VS A flight to space

Really. Is there any argument here? While you often hear about business tycoons in the West, availing $50,000 chartered flight services to fly in their leisure & comfort; 20 something middle-eastern kids already have their tickets booked for sub-orbital flights. Guess which part of the world has booked the maximum amount of tickets for Virgin Galactic’s Human Spaceflight? You guessed it right.

6 7

A ticket to space costs about $3,00,000. Middle East-3, the west-0


       4. Buying VIP concert tickets VS Hosting the concert in your home

VIP & front row tickets are a regular habit in the west. You’ll see them regularly spend thousands of dollars for VIP tickets that sometimes entitle them to backstage access with probably 2 minutes and one photograph; there’s no way the middle-easterns would leave it up to luck when it comes to meeting their favorites. They pay bazillion dollars and fly those superstars down to their homes as birthday gifts!


A private rendezvous with Michael Jackson- Priceless. Middle East-4, the west-0


       5. Buying rare & exotic flowers VS Having a 400 acre botanical garden

You might hear stories about the rich & powerful gifting each other rare & exotic flowers such as the Kadapul flower & the Juliet rose, but they’ve got nothing against the 400 acre ‘King Abdullah botanical gardens’ which is five times bigger than the world’s largest geodesic domes at the Eden Project in the UK! Both, its designs & its offerings will blow your mind!

9 10

Featuring an indoor & outdoor area, THIS is how you spend $50 billion. Middle East-5, the West-0


       6. Having an affair VS Having 30 wives

What do you do if you’re a bigshot billionaire in the West? Obviously you get some bottle service, impress the other girls in the VIP section. You then drive one of them back to your place in a Ferrari 458 Italia, because how would you be rich & powerful if you haven’t had an affair? The middle-east ain’t got to worry about that. If you’re royalty like King Abdullah, all you have to do is marry 40 wives and father 50 children. Getting bored of your wife? Just marry another one, it’s that simple.

11 12

According to Wikileaks, His Highness was quite a fan of hormone injections & Viagra; Pair that with a new wife to go to everyday and his expression won’t surprise you. Middle east- 6, the west-0


If you’ve been keeping count of the score, we don’t need to say any more. After reading this, even the biggest playboys in the West would feel quite ‘ordinary’. Perspective is quite a shocker, eh?


Do you know any such extravagant spending habits of the rich & famous that deserve being in this list? Let us know, we’re waiting!


Expensive Things

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