Millionaires Who Have More Security Than A Bank

Millionaires Who Have More Security Than A Bank


There’s expensive and then there’s outrageously over-the-top filthy expensive. You’ll often find the rich & powerful indulging in the latter. Whether it’s buying a chartered flight to the orbit of the planet or buying a bespoke $9,00,000 Stuart Hughes diamond edition suit, they’ve done it all.

There is one other area where the rich & powerful go all out, Security.

It makes sense if something were to happen to them, what would be the point of having billions of billions?

So hold on to your seats, as we go on to show you how millionaires spend more on security in a month than you will ever be able to in your entire life!

Blackwater Operatives:


Big shot CEO’s of multi-billion dollar companies have been known to hire them, including people from Alibaba & Baidu. They are the most elite security specialists around the world.

Looking for a business deal down the Somalian mainland? No one can protect you better than these operatives who were known formerly to be under the company, Blackwater. At over 2000$ a day, these veterans who have experienced Navy seals, special ops or military personnel, are as good as it gets if you want to trust your life with someone.

If your enemies knew you’ve enlisted their services, you’d have no enemies left!


Harrison K-9 kennels:


Picture a 3-year-old German shepherd. Now picture a 3-year-old German shepherd that costs $2,30,000 and commutes by private jet between a Canadian estate and a home in New York. The latter is a Harrison K-9 that belongs to a canine caste that combines exalted pedigree, child-friendly cuddliness, and arm-lacerating ferocity. Mr. Johnson, a millionaire now chasing the billion dollar mark, said he got his first protection dog after receiving personal threats while he was running the Northland Group, a debt-collection company in Minnesota. Now he has six protection dogs, all German shepherds.

If Playboy’s Sandy Bentley too can trust her beauty with these K-9’s, who are we to argue?



SAFE – Strategically Armoured & Fortified Yachts:


If Yachts are your thing, the next step in security is SAFE. While retaining the element of luxury & style, SAFE provides the maritime technology that is capable of detecting and responding to threats, depending upon the systems level of sophistication it can even neutralize the danger. It’s an Early Warning Immediate Response system to warn you of rogue divers and natural obstructions. They’re a favourite amongst drug lords from Cuba & businessmen from the US. Costs begin from $50,000.

An unnamed & eminent stock trader from Wall Street swears by them, “Without SAFE, my weekends away at Sea would leave me vulnerable. There’s no looking back now!”

With a technology like this, we wouldn’t mind being stranded at sea now, would we?


The Pontifical Swiss Guard:


Have you ever visited the Vatican? If you have, there’s no way you missed seeing the stoic guards that look like they missed the bus to the local Renaissance Festival. The truth is that they are a high-end military force made up of top ex-Swiss soldiers. Don’t let those spears fool you, they can shred you to pieces with them.  They also have one of the most extensive firearms collections on the planet to finish the job. Pray you’re not that job!

In addition to the Swiss Guard, the pope is also protected by the Vatican’s Blue Line.

Though people think the Pope is protected by a force of spear-slinging cosplayers, this is not the case. They have an extremely modern Hi-end array of weapons such as:

  • Heckler & Koch MP7 personal defence weapon
  • Sig P220 semi-automatic pistols
  • Sig SG550 Assault Rifles
  • Carbon 15 machine pistols
  • Heckler & Koch/FABARM shotguns

With 125 dedicated full-time members, the estimated cost to protect the Pope works out to around $5,00,000 per month!







The Supreme Guard Command:



As if isolating himself from the rest of the world wasn’t enough, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has gone a step ahead and has his own entourage of personnel to protect the Jong family, The Supreme Guard Command

With camps located throughout the country, it specifically has a strong presence in Pyongyang. The Command also monitors key military and party figures to ensure the safety of the Kim family.  The collective military strength supervising the command is around 95,000-100,000 soldiers! These come with state of the art artillery & air support.

Paraphrasing Lee Young-kuk, following is the set-up & composition:

Recruiters for the Guard look for new recruits in high schools where students are lined up for inspection. Physical prerequisites includes no facial scars and a well-proportioned body. Potential candidates have their family histories scrutinized for party loyalty and good “songbun”. Once chosen, they are given an ID number while all other records are erased and contact with family is forbidden forever. Recruits are then taken to special training camps for six months and are trained for a total of two years. Training includes Taekwondo classes, marksmanship, 25 km marches in full gear and special operations tactics.

The cost: As per estimates, a staggering $30,00,000 per month.

Really Kim? If you weren’t insecure enough by wearing Cuban heels, this does it for sure.








The Presidential Motorcade:


If you’re the President of the United States and you make a trip down to a foreign country, what kind of security would you expect? Some reports go on to estimate a total cost of $50,00,000 just for a single day when Obama visited India! Here’s a list of all that was protecting him:

  • A no-fly zone of 400km around Delhi was enforced when US President Obama had attended the Republic Day parade.
  • 15,000 CCTV cameras + 45,000 Secret Service officers
  • 25+ Military grade & special ops sniffer dogs
  • The Beast: A seven-seater limo, with 18-inch thick armour & 5-inch bulletproof windows

It’s safe to say that the Presidential Motorcade kind of crushes all other security options, brutally that too!  So it’s simple, to travel with the most security, all you have to do is become the president of the United States of America. Easy enough? *Wink*

Now we know why the race has gotten so intense between Hillary & Trump!










We’re sure you thought the rich & powerful wouldn’t go overboard with security. Now you know better! If you know of any such powerful people who can top the security on this list, comment down below. We’re waiting for your answers!







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