Most Extravagant And Expensive Bottled Waters In The World

Most Extravagant And Expensive Bottled Waters In The World

Water as a natural resource is available almost everywhere. Having seen it all around us, we have never really bothered to value it. But in its purest form – sparkling, distilled and rich in nutrients, bottled versions of this life giving liquid is quite costly for someone like you and me to afford. This article will highlight some of the rarest and most exotic bottled waters available on this planet. Exotic, because a lot of them are purified, distilled, sparkling or taken directly from the spring. Also, sometimes sourced from the rain or the artesian well. Some of these come with additional flavors as well. Expensive, as some are available in a very limited supply. Others, simply because the ones who made it decided to make it a luxury item. Have a look…

10. FINE – $5 per 750 ml


Coming from the beautiful Fiji mountain in Japan, this Fine water deserves its place on the fine dining table. It is sourced from a spring that is located 600 meters below the mountain belt. The upscale glass presentation communicates the affordable luxury and adds significant enjoyment to the experience. It is the next wine and deserves epicurean attention.

9. TASMANIAN RAIN -$5 per 750 ml


Tasmanian Rain justifies its slogan, ‘Captured from the purest skies on earth’. Tasmania, an island south of the Australian continent, is literally at the edge of the world. The water is sourced directly from the island’s rains, collected straight in the bottle from the sky without the water even touching the ground. Tasmanian Rain is perfect for active, health conscious consumers seeking uniquely pure and stylish water.



Lauquen is considered as one of the leading premium bottled water that can be undoubtedly stated as a name of class, elegance, prestige and sophistication. Lauquen Artesian Mineral Water comes from eternal pure rain and ice from the Andes Mountains which has been naturally purified confined in deep and underground source around 1750 ft below the Andes. One of most expensive bottled water, it provides highest level of purity, exclusivity, style and quality to its customer that is impeccable in real terms.

7. AQUA DECO – $12 per 750 ml


This bottled water comes in an extremely attractive and well-built bottle. And this bottled water is not all about the style only. It has also proven its substance, or in this case, its content. Several years ago, in 2007 to be exact, it won the gold medal for that year’s best non-carbonated spring water. The water is sourced from unspoiled and untouched springs in Canada.

6. 10 THOUSAND BC- $14 per 750 ml


The water is sourced from a distant and exotic location off the coast of Canada. It is so far away that one would need to take three days off just to get to the location where the water is bottled. No wonder production costs are so high. Then again, if the source is indeed that far from civilization, then chances are it is untouched and totally unpolluted. This makes the water one of the purest, freshest and cleanest in the world.

5. VEEN – $23 per 750 ml

The content of Veen comes from Finland and is arguably the freshest and purest water in the world. They have diversified it by introducing new flavours.Whether drinking it would satisfy your thirst and reinvigorate you faster than normal water or not is still uncertain. If so, there will be no more need for Gatorade or any of those energy thirst quenchers.

4. BLING – $40 per 750 ml

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The only surprise about this bottled water is that it is not priced higher than its suggested retail price of $40. After all, it is named Bling that brings to mind huge jewelry often worn to show off to other people. The bottle is made out of Swarovski crystals. It is also corked like a bottle of champagne. There is no word, however, if it also has the fizz and pop of a freshly opened bottle of champagne. Imagine a day when people would be toasting each other with a glass of Bling, or athletes would douse each other with the contents of Bling after winning a sporting competition.

3. FILLICO- $219 per 750 ml


This bottle of water comes from Osaka, Japan. Etched in gold paint and studded with Swarovski crystals, this bottle makes it to the world’s most expensive list and sells for $219 (approx Rs 10,000). What makes this bottle more interesting is that you can add gold wings or a gold or silver crown to the bottle top. The water in this bottle comes from a spring in Kobe.


Kona Nigari or Hawaiian Deep Seawater, is so popular that the Hawaiian Government is allowing it to use a state certified logo. The water is advertised as the water that can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve skin tone and quality, since it is extracted from a depth of 915 feet, breezing past the required limit necessary for the water to be considered deep seawater.


This bottle, designed by Italian artist Fernando Altamirano makes for the most expensive water in the world. Coated with 24k gold, its 1.25 ml of water is a blend of spring water from France, Fiji Islands and a glacier from Iceland. Aside from the solid gold bottle, there were also versions in gold matte, silver, silver matte, crystal and a variety of combinations of all these. The non-solid gold bottles sell for $3,600 dollars. The bottles all come with a leather case. The water also contains 5 milligrams of gold dust.




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