Most Incredibly Luxurious Private Jet Amenities

Most Incredibly Luxurious Private Jet Amenities


1. Quality Entertainment


When you take a long flight you’re occasionally graced with an in-flight movie. Of course, to watch this movie you need to wear earphones that connect to a designated area on your seat.

But, if you fly private, your option of entertainment is nearly limitless. For example, Donald Trump’s private jet houses a 52inch flat screen TV that plays a variety of Trump’s favourite films. Tyler Perry‘s jet, the Gulfstream III, has been customised to resemble a “Flying Theatre.” It features a 42-inch HD LCD screen, satellite TV, multiple Blu-ray players and extensive theatre lighting to make it feel as though you’re actually at a movie theatre. But this kind of luxury does not come cheap: Perry paid a massive $125 million for his customised jet

2. Personalised touches


The true extent of comfort aboard a private jet is found in the personal touches that the owner of the jet applies to the interior. For some, such as the Sultan of Brunei, those touches come in the form of expensive metals and gems.

He has spent over $100 million adding gold and crystal to the living room, bedroom and bathroom of his Boeing 747-430. Joseph Lau, a real-estate tycoon from Hong Kong, added features such as a spiral staircase and vaulted ceilings to his Boeing 747-81 VIP. And in the most overstated display of royalty, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal had a throne installed in the middle of his Boeing 747-400


3. Lounges


The legroom on a commercial airplane is ample – for a small child. The average adult can barely stretch their legs without their knees slamming into the chair in front of them. For those lucky enough to fly in a private jet, ‘legroom’ isn’t even a relevant concept.

Most private jets feature leather recliner-style seats that could easily seat two people. The seats are padded and fully equipped with large armrests and cushioned headrests. What’s more, the seats are configured so that no one is without ample leg space.

 4. Comfortable Sleeping Areas


Long flights can be exhausting. That’s why airlines offer a reclining feature on all of their commercial flight seats, right? Because reclining back half a degree is going to make it easy to fall asleep, especially when your seat has probably crushed the knees of the person directly behind you…

Those that fly private need not worry about losing rest on a long flight. Most private jets come with at least a master bedroom and some even come with several beds for those that fly with an entourage. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, is the owner of a $100 million Boeing 757. The jet interior is complete with a master bedroom and several guest rooms.


5. Full-Size Bathroom


If you’re not familiar with the panic of being trapped in a tiny closet, then you haven’t used the restroom on a commercial airplane. The toilet is about the size of a small stool and the sink is so tiny you can barely fit both of your hands in it. The tiny compartment that is called a bathroom aboard commercial air flights makes most people cringe.

The same is certainly not true for those that charter a private jet. The restrooms are much larger and most come equipped with some form of a washing area. Yes, as in a shower. Those that pay the steep price to fly private are at the benefit of being able to shower, shave, and dress as if they were at a hotel rather than on an airplane. Even more luxurious are the ways that bathrooms can be upgraded on a private jet. Donald Trump‘s private jet, for example, has a gold plated sink in the master bathroom.


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