OLED Display: A 7-inch window into the future

OLED Display: A 7-inch window into the future

Who knew what started as CRT 50 years ago, would over the years take different forms such as LCD, LED & now finally- OLED. The standard CRT display was around 30 inches and at least 30 kg’s, it is now estimated that devices powered by the new screen lighting system (OLED) will weigh in at less than 50 grams! The technological wave is all about how smaller you can get while exponentially increasing efficiency and that’s exactly what mobile devices have taken up. Following suit is the technological giant- Apple.


2017 is pegged as the most important year for Apple as it is rumored that its devices will be powered by technology that hasn’t yet been used by its competitors. Over the past ten years, Apple has filed for numerous patents and is already developing feasible, execution level prototypes. While the ‘never seen before’ technology has us all intrigued, let’s first talk about a feature that may not be the first to be adopted by a mobile device manufacturer, but is yet claimed to be Apple’s masterstroke- OLED displays.


OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, with “organic” referring to the carbon film that sits inside the panel before the glass screen. OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through, whereas cells in a LCD display require an external light source, like a giant backlight, for brightness.


The switch to OLED technology could allow Apple to make a first iPhone handset with a certain degree of curvature, like its main rival Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. The versatility of this new technology would enable the iPhone 8 to resurface as three distinct versions: Classic, Plus and curved.


When it comes to the rest of the structure, the next iPhone, the 8th gen, is most likely to have a space grade patented stainless steel chassis holding the two synergetic glass panels. The highest-end model should be in store for an OLED display, offering higher contrast and deeper blacks, as well as a slimmer, more lightweight build compared with LCD technology.
This opens up endless possibilities, and just like Samsung , Apple is also rumoured to be working on a smartphone with a seamless display covering the entire front surface of the device. This might result in the traditional “Home” button to disappear, but don’t despair, the Touch ID fingerprint-reading technology and the front-facing camera will most likely be integrated directly into the screen.


It’s unclear whether this would be reserved for the OLED model or would come to the full range of handsets. All models are expected to get dust-resistant builds and, for the first time, proper water-resistance for depths up to one meter (IP68 certification).


There are numerous reports that Apple’s switch to OLED technology will assist its efforts to transition to wireless charging, even more sophisticated than the one Tesla has unveiled, but that discussion is for a different day.


What are your views on the OLED technology? Do you think it’s just a passing phase or is it here to stay? Comment and let us know down below!



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