One Fabulous Day in Goa

One Fabulous Day in Goa

Who said Goa is for the Goans! Abundant with numerous beaches, cafes, villas, resorts, churches and casinos, Goa is no longer just a holiday destination but also the hub of nightlife, luxury gaming, sightseeing and adventure sports.

While you might not be able to do everything in a single day, there are some places you cannot leave out of your itinerary while in Goa.

Start your day off with a traditional breakfast of Ros Omelette, Usal Pao or a simple Omelette Pao. If you’re too lazy to cook something up yourself, any local vendor on the streets will be serving these delicacies wherever you’re staying in Goa.


After a decent meal in the morning, rent out a scooter from any of the many garages around you, for the day. You’ll need it to commute and it’s the most convenient mode of transport. Also, there are Pilots – the local bike riders who work as public transport.


If you’re someone who loves adventure sports, use this time of the day to try out some beach sports – kayaking, water skiing or parasailing.


There are a number of places along the beaches of Goa that rent out swimming gear and equipment in case your trip was not planned to detail.

If water sports and adventure aren’t your cup of tea and all you’d like to do is drive down to some historic places in Goa, ride your pilot down to the numerous forts or churches that decorate Goa and hold stories from so much of its elder years. It takes about 30 mins to drive down to any of the sightseeing spots from north or south goa.

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After all the adventure and sightseeing, you’re probably already craving some Goan specialty for lunch. Drive down to any restaurant that’s serving your favorites. We recommend Ritz or Brittos. But you could read up a few reviews before choosing your place of indulgence.


Trust us when we say that no matter where you are in Goa, you will never be rushed. The locals live a very susegad life, in layman’s words, a very relaxed life. So go with the flow, don’t rush them, make the most of every moment you spend in these restaurants to soak in the flavors of Goa. Indulge in some sea food or some classic sorpotel. And if your stomach can still handle it, choose a fine wine or a spirit of your liking.

After indulging in Goa’s specialties, it’s time now to walk it off. Stroll down to one of the local markets of Goa or ride down to Anjuna Market if you’re there on a Wednesday. Mapusa also has a famous market for shopping. Tourists generally pick up accessories, handicraft articles or other wearables. If you’re leaving by the end of the day, now’s a good time to pick up the goan sausages that you plan on taking back home for friends and family.


If you aren’t much of a shopper and would rather use this time seeing some more of Goa, then get onto a dolphin cruise or find a go-karting arena to get your thrill on. There’s a lot to do in Goa if you’re there for more than just the beaches.


Sunsets in Goa though cannot be missed. If you miss it, you won’t be doing justice to your Goa experience. Take a while to sit by the beach and watch the sun go down the horizon. The twilight of the evening provides a fitting ambience for a beautiful end to the day.


However, your trip is just beginning. Head on down to any of the famous restaurants ‘n bars in town. Eat to your heart’s content. Martins Corner is a pretty famous place for a good meal and some quick drinks. Make sure you try a different restaurant than the ones you tried earlier in the day so that you would have tried almost 2-3 restaurants in Goa.

Goa is known for it’s highly affordable booze, so if you plan on heading on down to any of the dance clubs later in the night, now’s a good time to get your pre-drinking game on. Love Passion Karma or LPK is a known dance club in Candolim, along with Tito’s at Baga.


If dance is not your cup of tea and you’d rather use the night for some luxury gaming. Head on down to the Deltin’s own Casino – Deltin Royale at Panjim. It’s known for it’s Poker, Roulette, Indian Flush, Baccarat, Blackjack, Pontoon, Casino Wars and Money Wheel among other games. From stand-up comedy to live cooking stations, world cuisine buffets and ala carte menus, Deltin Royale is probably the best choice if you don’t get to head down to Goa as often as you like.


Famous eateries around Goa include Infanteria near Calangute-Baga Junction and Peep Kitchen at Panjim. But if you’re there for the local, true Goan experience, we suggest you treat yourself at any of the local eateries.


If you’re planning your trip in advance, we suggest you read up on the places you wish to see or try out. If it’s a very impulsive decision to head on down to Goa, you have no reason to worry, Goa has much to offer, just bring your susegad mood along.






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