Expensive Poker Chips Around The World

Expensive Poker Chips Around The World

Everyone loves a good game of poker, but not everyone cares about spending money on a good poker chip set. Then, there are few for whom this is more like a status symbol and why not, when they come in with a hefty price tag.

Here is a list of most expensive Poker chip Sets available around the world:

1. Geoffrey Parker Poker Set


The $7.5 million poker set is true to saying all that glitters is Gold. There are 384 white gold chips which can be custom made in any currency and denominations as per customer’s choice. The edge of each chip is engraved with all the precious gems – white diamonds for the white chips, sapphires for the blue, rubies for the red, emeralds for the green and black diamonds for the black.  The set has total 22,364 precious stones measuring to 1012 karats. Now that’s not all, the dealer’s button is made up of 18 karat white gold.

But if you want to lay your hands on one of these, you have to wait 4-10 weeks before they get delivered.

2. The Meteorite Poker Set


The Meteorite Poker Set priced at $150,000 is the second most expensive poker set. Carved out of an 800,000-year-old meteor “Muonionalusta” which is located in northern Sweden.

Each and every part of this set comes with an 18-karat white gold covering and are decorated with gems such as Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires. The set has a total of 120 chips, a super fine deck of cards and a five ivory die.

3. Vintage Cartier Poker Chips Set


The item was listed on e-bay by the Gallery of Design and Culture in Dortmund, Germany, for a good $7500 whereas the description says it is worth more than $30000. The chips are made up of plastic but are genuinely original design.

4. Cartier’s Bold Poker Set


For those of you who are into fashion this one comes as great respite, these sets have been designed by French fashion house, Cartier, famous for making high-end jewellery and watches. This one comes with a price tag of $10000 and contains 360 chips, two sets of playing cards five dice in a red and black, wood, gold-plated chest.

5. Asprey Luxurious Poker Set


The set containing 550 ceramic chips, 2 packs of Asprey playing cards and a dealer chip that has a palladium finish has been designed by a 200-year-old UK-based luxury goods company, Asprey, famous for its designer products. The cinnamon-colored English saddle leather, set will cost you $7,500.

So, the next time when you sit with your buddies for a game of poker bet big so you can have your hands on one of them.



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