These beautiful Poker divas will definitely make you want to learn the game of cards!

These beautiful Poker divas will definitely make you want to learn the game of cards!

Won’t you let those pretty eyes just win it all?

Beth Shak



Beth Shak began playing poker professionally in 2004, after getting her start in online poker. She has played in notable events like The World Series of Poker and Playboy’s Poker Tournament, known as “Aces & Angels”. Shak ranks very high on the Women’s All Time Money List, having won 3 World Series of Poker final tables and cashed in 13 other tournaments. Fascinating enough, her poker skills are often overshadowed by her vast shoe collection, which made headlines when her then soon-to-be ex-husband sued her for a part of the 1,200 pair collection, which is valued at $1 million. Shak ultimately got to keep her entire collection and continues to play poker (in her fabulous shoes).


Shannon Elizabeth


Shannon Elizabeth, an actress and former model, is best known for her role as Nadia in 1999’s hit comedy movie, American Pie. She immediately became an international sex symbol and has since enjoyed a rich acting career. Elizabeth considers poker her “second career” and she has been quite successful at it. She has cashed out four times in the World Series of Poker events in 2006 and 2007. Most notably in 2007 she defeated three of the world’s best poker players and World Series of Poker bracelet winners – Jeff Madsen, Barry Greenstein, and Humberto Brenes – in the NBCNational Heads-Up Poker Championship.


Tiffany Michelle



Tiffany Michelle began her career with acting, but it wasn’t until the 2008 World Series of Poker event that she began to receive fame. Michelle, nicknamed ‘Hot Chips’, became the “Last Woman Standing” at the 7 day event eventually finishing 17th out of 6,844 players. This was remarkable because her 17th place finish broke the record for the largest field ever completed by a woman in a live poker event, earning her a pay-check of $334,534. Fascination continued for Michelle when in 2009, she competed in the 15th season of the reality show, The Amazing Race. She was part of the only all-female team with her friend and fellow professional poker player, Maria Ho. The pair were known as the Poker Girls.


Jennifer Leigh


Jennifer Leigh is a professional American poker player born in Wilmington, Delaware. A self-described nerd, Leigh is nicknamed “Jennicide”, after her alias used on various computer hacking sites in her younger years. She is best known for playing online poker, building up from playing $5 online tournaments to $200 cash games. Leigh has cashed out at the World Championship of Online Poker, among several other notable events, but is still seeking a World Series of Poker win and bracelet. She has appeared in both FHM and Playboy.


Kara Scott


Kara Scott, otherwise known as ‘The Great Scott’, on the poker circuit is a Canadian born poker player. She began her career hosting various television shows in England before becoming one of the main hosts of the popular and award winning live internet poker show “Poker Night Live”. Scott fell in love with poker and began to delve deeper by writing for several industry publications, such as Flush. In 2008, she announced her intention to become a professional poker player and has since been recognized as the only woman who cashed in both the 2008 and 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, as well as the second woman ever to have cashed in back-to-back World Series of Poker Main Events.


Tatjana Pašalić


Tatjana Pašalić is a Yugoslavian-born professional poker player. Her interest in poker began when she was 19. She became a pivotal character in educating the European public about poker through her work as a freelance blogger. Pašalić began to gather a following and became known as a poker personality when she used her entire life savings to follow the European Poker Tour to bring news directly from poker events to her blog readers. After years of being a presenter and host covering poker events, Pašalić joined the 2011 World Series of Poker event herself, but she made a real splash in the 2012 World Series of Poker event when she played wearing a skin tight cat suit, apparently a result of losing a bet to her boyfriend, professional poker player.


 Maria Ho


Maria Ho, as of June 2015, is ranked as the second best female poker player in the world. She’s got an impressive record and has won 2.6 million dollars in various tournaments. Originally born in Taiwan, has cashed 32 times in the World Series of Poker live events. Ho, is the only female poker player to have the distinction of “last woman standing” three times – 2007, 2011 and 2014.  She is a 3-time nominee Bluff (magazine) Reader’s Choice Awards nominee for Favourite Female Player (2012, 2014, 2015). Ho also is the first female in history to be hired to a poker TV broadcast as the strategic commentator, an immense honour.


Liv Boeree


Olivia Boeree, better known as Liv, is a poker player and model from England. She began her poker career in 2005 when she appeared on the British Reality TV show, Showdown. After the show aired Liv began playing poker regularly, earning the nickname ‘The Iron Maiden’, and hosting various poker related TV shows in Europe and America. She has been coached by poker legends Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and Dave Ulliott. As of November 2015, her live winnings total nearly 3 million and she is the #1 ranked female player on the Global Poker Index and #6 on the female all-time live poker winnings list.

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Source: The Richest



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