Redefine Luxury With This Dining Experience

Redefine Luxury With This Dining Experience

Sumptuous food complimented by fine wine at a table top restaurant that boasts of a breath taking view – one could easily say that this scenario qualifies as a luxurious dining experience. For several years now, restaurateurs around the globe have focused on creating and delivering fine dining services that cater to all of the diner’s senses.

Exquisite food to tickle the taste buds, pleasant music for the ears, a faint aroma of rich spices and a spectacular view are the ingredients that go into creating the perfect ambience at a luxurious restaurant. But with fine dining experiences now costing north of $500, these ingredients have reduced to mere necessities at any restaurant of good repute.

These hot spots offer more than just meals, they offer a once in a lifetime dining experience. Renowned restaurants in Paris, Switzerland, New York and Japan have elaborately designed tasting menus prepared by celebrated chefs. They source rare spices and condiments from remote corners of the world to add finesse to their cuisine.

One look inside the Hard Rock Hotel, at the spectacular island of Ibiza in Spain, shows what the future of fine dining holds in store. Sublimotion – a one of a kind theatrical dining experience located inside the Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel costs a whopping $1,900 per person.


The experience at the double Michelin starred Hotel begins with a ride in Land Rovers that escort the diner to Sublimotion. The elevator trip to the main dining room is equipped with an introductory video which includes only the latest music. On arrival, the diner is presented with an edible ticket!

The inside of the dining room looks like a time machine with floor-to-ceiling screens that serve as walls. The diner’s name appears in neon lights above his designated seat. The diner is then offered a fruity pill which melts in the mouth quite like sorbet.


As the fifteen meal course is served; light installations, props and virtual reality transport the diner from land to sea. The room jumps ahead and back in time as the scenery changes with each course. The diner is taken through a scenic world tour and also experiences sky diving while wearing Samsung Gear VR spectacles.

The diner eats caviar and oysters while surrounded by sharks and slurps shrimp scampi while riding the Orient Express. Next, the diner is spun around in his seat after he eats an innovative meal from 2050. To revisit his childhood, the diner is then taken to the circus where Ferris wheels roll out balloons and treats.


For dessert, the servers paint on the diner’s placemat with scoops of lemon merengue ice-cream sprinkled with coconut flakes. Lights focus on this edible masterpiece as chocolate sauce is poured over the ice-cream.

Then comes the grand finale. The dining table transforms into a spinning table as the diner becomes a DJ. Chocolate cakes spin around on the record disk as music beats thump in the background. So a meal that starts as a movie turns into a journey across space & time and ends with a techno dance party.


After three hours in Sublimotion, the diner walks out having experienced the best that not only Ibiza, but the world has to offer.

Chef Paco Roncero, the magician behind the show, says that the Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel creates a unique ambience that plays with the diner’s emotions and senses.

So how does he describe the experience when people ask him what to expect?

“Something you will only understand if you experience it first-hand.”





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