The Richest Poker Players in The World

The Richest Poker Players in The World

For some it’s a game, for others however, it’s a serious business. These 10 people proved to the world how one can literally make a career out of poker. Here, see it for yourself!

10) Joe Hachem

1 PK

Joe Hachem, also known as ‘Hash’ by many, has been at it since the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship. He took home $7.5 Million that night, after having defeated more than 5,000 other players!

9) Jamie Gold

2 PK

Jamie hit the home run back in 2006, when he won $12 Million in the World Series Poker Championship. Today, he is considered to be one of the biggest stars in the poker world.

8) John Juanda

3 pk

Before discovering poker, he was a Bible salesman. Now, he’s rolling in money. He has appeared 5 times in the final table of the Poker World Tour- a fine achievement in the world of Poker.

7) Michael Mizrachi

4 Pk

His consistent game style has earned him the nickname ‘The Grinder’. When he started playing, he was 13, and since then he seems to have always won at a game of Poker.

6) Philip Ivey

5 PK 

 He’s been accused of cheating at Baccarat, but by no means does that disrepute him as one of the richest Poker players in the world. By the age of 23, he had already won 3 World Series of Poker bracelets. Ivey has won as much as $16 Million from a single game of Poker!

5) Philip Helmuth

 6 PK

Helmuth is one of the most successful Poker players ever. In fact, he has done so well for himself while playing poker that he has even been offered endorsements and book deals as well as merchandising! Who knew that Poker could be a means to something else?

4) Daniel Negreanu

 7 PK

Daniel was so confident of his future in Poker that he dropped out of college just to play the game! His confidence seems to have been right, because till date he has won more than 30 major games across the globe!

3) Sam Trickett

 8 PK

Sam started playing Poker after an injury ruled out his future in football. The native of Nottingham has since then recorded 8 wins in major tournaments around the world, and he’s still only in his late 20s! There’s a bright future for Sam in Poker and we can expect many more wins from him.

2) Erik Seidel

 9 PK

Seidel has a way with Poker. Having worked in the Stock Market, he seems to have picked up a couple of tricks when it comes to predicting where an advantage lies hidden and ready for the picking. He has 7 World Series of Poker bracelets, and the fact that he lives in Las Vegas is a strong indication of where the rest of his future may lie.

1) Antonio Esfandiari

10 PK

Antonio is the world’s richest Poker player, and it’s perhaps no surprise that people call him ‘The Magician’. When you are the richest poker player in the world, then you don’t need to worry about losing a game, and this is one of Antonio’s strong points- he’s willing to take the risk that nobody else is. He is originally from Iran, but now his cards only point towards Vegas!

So that was our list of the richest Poker players on the planet. Did you like what you just read? Tell us in the comments below!



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