Roulette – A Game of Luck or Skill?

Roulette – A Game of Luck or Skill?

A question on the mind of every roulette player. Here is our take on it.

A win at roulette – a glamourous little game popularised by countless flashy casino sequences in movies both in India and abroad – is often credited to dumb luck or kismet, but is it really? Could it be attributed to more than just your lucky stars?

The luck vs. skill debate flares perennially in gaming circles. Throughout the history of roulette – players, experts, and critics have argued about the relative merits of roulette, and whether its outcome relies fundamentally on luck or on skill. While critics maintain that the game is purely based on when the roulette wheel halts to stop, seasoned players insist that skill, experience, and aptitude can be used to influence the course of a session or tournament.



If you think about it, it is relatively easy to see why critics dismiss the factor of ‘skill’ in a game of roulette. Boiling it down, the fate of individual players rests primarily on the spin of a large wheel, upon which players must stake their money and predict one of the many possible outcomes. So yes, luck is certainly a key element of roulette gameplay.

However, in spite of luck being an undeniable element in roulette, players have the opportunity to minimise their risk of loss and raise their probability of winning. There is no over-the-top or complicated strategy to be implemented here, but a simple understanding of odds and probability. The best way to achieve this is through a prudent and consistently applied combination of inside and outside bets.

You could place wagers on single numbers alongside odds, evens, red and black options that pay out at 1/1. By spreading your bets across both high and low-risk wagers, you can minimise loss and increase your chances of winning over the course of an entire session.



With these points in mind, it is clear that roulette consolidates the key elements of luck and skill in almost equal measure. Your probability of winning depends on a good blend of both elements. Of course, if you were to pitch a lucky player against a strategic player, the latter would prevail over a prolonged period.

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