Slot Machines – Tips and Myths

Slot Machines – Tips and Myths

Headed to the slot machines? Read our tips to give yourself an edge, as we also bust some myths related to the game.



Hot and Cold

Ever run away from a slot machine on a cold streak? Well, it is possible that you missed out on something special. Slot machines are not programmed to pay out consistently for a period of time and each spin is entirely random. Likewise, if you run to a slot machine because it is on a hot streak, there is a 50% chance you may be disappointed.



The curious case of handles or buttons

There may be some machines, which give you the option to either pull a handle or push a button, but it doesn’t matter how you spin the reel. You may believe that pulling the handle gives you a better chance of winning but, the outcome of any spin is ultimately determined by a random number generator (RNG), and RNGs are not at all affected by how the reels are spun.

‘I got the right temperature…’

Believe it or not, there is a myth that the probability of winning increases if you warm the coins up before inserting them into the machine. Yes, when it comes to slot machines, there are people who tend to lose all sense of rationality. Needless to say, this myth is nonsense. Modern machines are certainly advanced, but to say they measure the temperature of coins being used and adjust their payout rates accordingly, is ridiculous.

Hide and go seek

Hunting for those slot machines in the corners of the gaming floor is not at all necessary. Machines with higher payout rates are not specifically hidden away in dark corners of casinos. On the contrary, casinos are more likely to place them in a busy part of the casino. Like a moth to a light, players will get attracted to play when they notice other players winning.


The inside scoop

If you are proud of yourself for coming up with a plan to offer low-level employees a cut of your winnings if they direct you to the loose machines, we would certainly advise against it.  The average cocktail waitress knows nada about the payout percentage of the slots. It is also highly likely the player gets played. Some of these employees may play along with your “plan” in the hopes that you’ll win and give them a cut of the profits.


Trying to predict or influence the outcome of a slot machine is an effort in vain. Casinos and game developers have spent a substantial amount of time and money making sure that these games can’t be overcome on a consistent basis. Now, there’s no magical way to trump these machines, but steps can be taken to give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

Determine your bankroll

This is the most important tip you need to drill into your head and have it there until the end of time. Before you head for the slots, you should define a fixed amount of money that you are prepared to LOSE. Yes, you need to prepare for the worst case scenario and by default, assume you are going to lose all of your money. If you have a certain amount of disposable income, set a number and never play beyond that figure.

Deltin Player's Card

Deltin Player’s Card

Get a Player’s Reward card

If you’re a frequent player, you should join the casino’s players reward card program. Most of the casinos these days have player’s club cards, and there are many benefits to signing up for one and using it when you play the games. These player club cards will often include discounted or free meals, rooms, or tickets to a show. Grumpy due to a losing session? These comps could turn that day into a profitable one.



Higher denominations have higher set payback percentage

It is understood that a game with a higher denomination is eventually making more money from players. Hence, it can afford to offer higher payouts. Use this to your advantage by playing slots with a larger minimum bet.


Slow and steady

From the casino’s perspective, the more spins – the more money they make, so make sure you slow down your play. By selecting a slow rate of play, you can fulfil your desire for gambling while also limiting the amount of your losses. Yes, this may not seem like much of a strategy, but we’ve seen people go all out and blow their whole bankroll at a slot within a matter of minutes.



Basically, all we’re trying to say is Have Fun! There are no hidden secrets that can help you beat the slot machines. Have a crack at the slots at the Deltin and remember not to base your play around the associated myths. Keep our tips in mind and we are positive your pockets will get heavier at the Deltin.



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