Slot Machines vs. Table Games – And the winner is…

Slot Machines vs. Table Games – And the winner is…

Nervous about losing money on the wrong games? Let us help you uncomplicate things when it comes to the debate of slots vs. table games.

Imagine opening the doors of a casino and taking in the air of pure entertainment and fun. You begin your walk into the gaming wilderness but you stop again, question in mind – where do you start? A slot machine or a table game? Well, read on as we try to solve this dilemma for you.

Advantages of Slot machines

1. Largest Jackpot

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Slot machines are casino games with the largest jackpots. Yes, table games do have big jackpots at times, but slots have bigger payouts overall. Progressive jackpot slot machines are sometimes even worth several million dollars.

2. No Brainer

Playing slots do not require any sort of complicated strategy. Luck plays a very big role as you pull the lever and hope for a favourable outcome.

3. Fast-paced

The slot gameplay is quite swift. When you play slots, you can spin as frequently as you want and the game keeps moving ahead. Conversely, table games require a lot of patience because they move at a slower pace with multiple strategies in play.

4. Betting


Slot machines have the advantage of low minimum bets and high maximum bets. You can get started with bets as small as Re.1 per spin. If you’re a high roller, you can easily wager Rs.1000 or Rs. 5000 a spin at certain slots.

5. Element of Entertainment

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All the impressive graphics, amusing animations, and crazy mini-games have lured many gamers to the slots. To some, these may seem absurd and annoying, but a lot of people prefer the slots due to the all-round entertaining experience.

Disadvantages of Slot Machines

1. Can You Handle the Speed?

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As mentioned earlier, slots are quite fast-paced. However, the downside of this is that if you aren’t careful, you may lose your money as fast as the game play. If you have a bad run, it’s very possible that you end up blowing through all your money in a very short period of time.

2. Get Lucky

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It’s quite well-known that slots have rigid gameplay mechanics. There’s really no room for strategy in slot machines. Yes, there are a few tips that you can use to give yourself the best possible chance of winning, but there’s no way to actually affect the outcome of any single spin.

3. Get Lonely

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Playing the slots is definitely not a social game. It’s just you and the machine.

Advantages of Table Games

1. Think about It


If you are the type of person with a taste for strategic play and mind games, then table games are right up your alley. Games like Blackjack are noted for their various levels of strategy. Entire books have been devoted to proper blackjack strategy. It’s very gratifying to put different types of strategy in play and see the outcome benefit you.

2. Social butterfly


At first, sitting inches away from strangers and playing with them or even against them could prove daunting. However, as the game proceeds, you automatically begin to interact with fellow players and the whole experience can be quite exhilarating. You meet and socialize with people who you would have never met under usual circumstances. Even chatting with a dealer is an interesting experience. The social aspect is one of the biggest pleasures of playing at the tables.

3. Have a break, Have your seat back

Not many people know but you can actually step away from the table, leave chips on the felt, and let the dealer know that you’ll be back. Most casinos give you between 10 and 20 minutes as the dealer protects your chips and saves your seat.

4. Slow and steady is the pace

Due to its slow gameplay, playing at a table gives you the chance to keep careful tabs on your money. Even online table games move at a much slower pace than slot machines. Each round of play is dictated by cards, dice, and your own decisions. Table games are definitely the best for budget gamblers.

5. Best odds

Table games have some of the best wagers in the house. The “odds” bet in craps has almost zero house advantage. The banker bet in baccarat is also one of the best.

Disadvantages of Table Games

1. Slow and steady may be the best, but could frustrate the rest

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The slow pace of table games can also be a disadvantage. Yes, the pace does facilitate a check on your wins and losses, but could prove to be unbearable for others at the table, creating a hostile environment.

2. Undesirable minimums

Table games also have less flexibility when it comes to betting limits. Minimum bets are quite high. Even online casinos are considerably higher than slot machines.


And the winner is…




Slot machines and table games are just wildly different from each other and so it all comes down to you. If you are a budget-conscious gambler and/or enjoy making strategic decisions, table games are definitely the right option. Table games are also the best for people who love to mingle with fellow players.

On the other hand, slot machines are the best for action players. If you do not have the patience for slow strategic play and just want to go ahead without a care in the world, then you should completely ignore the tables. Slots are also good if you dream of winning a massive million dollar jackpot one day.


So head down to one of the Deltin casinos and have a crack at our huge variety of table games and slot machines! Let us know below which type of casino game is your favourite and why.



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