Why book a suite when you can book an island

Why book a suite when you can book an island

Why book a hotel suite when you can book an island?

Nothing says opulence like waking up to your own private chef, on your own private suite, on your own private beach, on your own private island, waving to your friends who are out for a spin on your own private yacht. Wait, you haven’t done that before?

To those of you that think they have enough moolah, why not rent one? Here’s our picks for the top five islands that the billionaire in you would go gaga about:


1.  Nukubati Island


This vision of paradise hosts just seven couples at a time meaning you and your mates can pool your money, head there for the week and pretend you’re on Survivor – but instead of the physically tolling challenges, you can just vote to nominate the next person to make you all a round of cocktails and when they try and fight it, be like, “The tribe has spoken.” The friendly Fijian staff will even organise you a champagne picnic on the island’s sandbank where you can spend the day before using your two-way radio to ask them to come and gather you before the tides rise. Simply Amazing.


2. Vomo & Vomo LaiLai


Vomo Island has a little sister island right next door called Vomo LaiLai which is perfect if you want to go truly Cast Away with your very own deserted island. Vomo Lailai’s beach is surrounded by aqua waters and some great spots for snorkeling. The island is so private that your connection to the rest of the world can be officially labelled as ‘off the hook’. Luckily it’s still within sight and radio contact of Vomo so you won’t have to befriend a volleyball anytime soon.



3. Royal Davui

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The clean white beaches and lush verdant jungle on this island are so picturesque you could sell your holiday snaps on as desktop backgrounds. Royal Davui is adults-only and you can hire the whole island for some off-the-chart seclusion with a side of first-class snorkelling. Visitors who have been here say that this experience is unparalled so much so that they’d be willing to pay even twice the amount! And that’s saying a lot. The facilities and and service is the best you will ever see, with your every whim and fancy being fulfilled.


4. Laucala

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In the south sea archipelago of Fiji, you’ll find the private island of Laucala. Covering 12 square kilometres, the island offers contrasting landscapes from volcanic mountains covered in tropical rainforest to postcard-perfect beaches. It helps if you’re a little sporty because there’s golf, mountain biking, game fishing, diving and sailing on offer too.


5. Wadigi Island

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Hidden in the Mamanuca Islands just a ten minute helicopter ride from Nadi International Airport is the luxurious and pristine Wadigi Island. Three deluxe suites are on offer and each sit right on the edge of Wadigi’s cliff where the ocean meets the sandy white beach. You’ll be sharing the place with the island staff of two gourmet chefs, a hostess, a maid and a boat captain who will take you wherever you see fit. There’s a swing bed (!), lush gardens and sun lounges up the wazoo.





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