Take Your Party to an Extreme Private Location

Take Your Party to an Extreme Private Location

Sometime what makes or breaks a party is how private and exclusive it is. Nobody likes meeting a random stranger who just happened to run into the party because it’s happening in some club that you can’t reserve. So here is step one, and probably the most salient step to throwing a kickass party in a very exclusive location.

We’d like to help you out on that front. You can begin by gazing at this beautiful island in the picture below


The above island is known for much more than just the breathtaking views that it provides. It is the home of one of the world’s most luxurious private resorts, the brainchild of Red Bull magnate Dietrich Mateschitz.

For the layman, welcome to the location of your next most exclusive party.


Laucala Island is located in Fiji and what makes it stand out is that you can rent the entire island for a minimum of 5 days to throw a party or even host an event. One party is good, now imagine the same party that goes on for five days!

But what will one do for five days on an isolated island? Well, that’s usually a question that somebody who doesn’t really enjoy nature too much would ask. Fortunately, Laucala island caters to these people as well, in fact, nobody could get bored here! The island comes with the generic spa, an 18-hole championship golf course, tours of its organic farms, trekking tours of nearby waterfalls and native Fijian communities, and if that’s not enough then there’s always the vast collection of alcohol that on first glance would probably put the word “Gargantua” or “Hooray!” in the viewer’s mind.

All meals and drinks at this party would include champagne, house spirits and wine at either (or all) of the five restaurants present on the island, where top international chefs can cater to special requests. Apart from this, there are also fun dining options such as a traditional Fijian feast, complete with games and entertainment.


Need we say more about how great a party destination this island would be?

While it may be a fortune for some, if you are one of those lucky tycoons who can afford $150,000 a night, then we definitely feel that you shouldn’t even think twice about hosting your next birthday or anniversary or even event at Laucala Island.

If all this doesn’t make up for one cool party, then rest assured all the Instagram posts from the party will do the job for you.



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