Throwing a Casino-Themed Soiree is a Breeze! Here are 5 Helpful Tips to Throw a Birthday Bash Casino Style

Throwing a Casino-Themed Soiree is a Breeze! Here are 5 Helpful Tips to Throw a Birthday Bash Casino Style

Looking to host a theme party for grown ups for your upcoming birthday? Check out these 5 pointers for organizing a casino-esque bash to celebrate your big day in style!

Undoubtedly, casinos are the epitome of elegance and grandeur. Bright lights, fancy cars, and well-cut tuxes are a common sight at any one of Goa’s floating Deltin casinos, where the crème de la crème of the country come to relax, party, and unwind. Casinos offer a gambling paradise to revellers as they leave all their worries behind, and have a whale of a time eating, drinking, and gaming aboard Deltin’s luxurious boats.


When was the last time you took in the sights and sounds of the picturesque city of Panjim? More often than not, thanks to a hectic lifestyle and work pressure, planning a weekend jaunt to the sunny state of Goa doesn’t always pan out. But don’t be too disappointed if yet another birthday or anniversary has come and gone without a well-deserved celebration. As the saying goes, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad…

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Does the thought of celebrating your birthday amidst loud deafening music, gossipping grandmas and boisterous children make your mind feel numb? If so, here’s an alternative!  A casino-themed soiree in the comfort of your living room is perfect for a night of cavorting with your squad. Think glitzy playing card centrepieces, faux poker chips, and flowing champagne! So, what are you waiting for?

Book that babysitter in advance and get down to some serious party planning, so you can throw a mind-blowing birthday bash that your friends will be talking about for years to come! In case you’re wondering where to start, look no further for here are five simple and easy DIY suggestions for a night of A-rated gambling and drunken shenanigans!

#1 By Invitation Only!


Nothing spells out personalized more than tasteful party invites, sent at least a month prior to D-day. Give your casino-themed party a cool name like High Roller Party or Vegas Nights Party, and design your Evites using playing card templates!

#2 Dress to Impress!


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If you’ve been impatiently waiting for that special occasion to suit up, this  can be your moment. Channel your inner James Bond à la Casino Royale, and get your guests to play dress up in elegant casino-themed attire.Take your pick of color combinations from black, red and white, or another combination of your choosing and insist upon a strict black-tie dress code. Women don graceful gowns or cocktail dresses while men look dapper in dinner jackets for an enjoyable night of poker and martinis!


Psst…a funky corner photo booth with casino props and frames will make the night even more memorable, as guests clamour to click selfies clad in their evening finery.

#3 House of Cards


It’s your birthday after all, so don’t hesitate to bring out the balloons and confetti. Go crazy with fun and festive decorations such as casino-themed danglers, signs and standees to make the most of your party celebrations! Brighten up your home with cutouts of playing cards, dices, and poker chip to create your own little version of Monte Carlo. Hanging large arched banners and playing cards from the ceiling, as well as placing balloon columns on the dance floor will only add to the exclusive casino-esque ambience and form a great backdrop for group photographs.

#4 Casino-Themed Cuisine, Cake and Cutlery


Let your guests feast on mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres cleverly named after casino games – dice pudding, and poker chips and salsa are only the beginning. Sit back and enjoy the shower of compliments, as they dig into a scrumptious casino-themed cake using customized cutlery, plates and napkins. A poker themed table cover will definitely add a touch of authenticity, as your party attendees raise their stakes using faux poker chips!

#5 Place Your Bets



Make sure you play your cards right with an assortment of amusing games and activities to entertain your guests for the night— Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Two Truths and a Lie, Never Have I Ever and of course, the Newlywed Game!

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The bartender can double as a dealer and join in the revelry, as your friends sip on delicious cocktails and put on their best poker faces. Last but not the least, don’t forget to sit down and relax yourself, because a good host is always gracious, hospitable and knows how to have a good time!


For more ideas on how to throw a casino-themed soiree, simply head to one of Deltin’s deluxe casinos to let your hair down as well as well as gain some inspiration, and ensure that your guests have an unforgettable night! Check out www.deltin.com for exciting deals and discounts today.


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